State of Customer Service Report – Microsoft, KLM and 500+ Leaders on the Future of Customer Service

The annual Incite Group State of Customer Service Survey will give you in-depth insights from 500+ respondents on the key issues and opportunities your peers see in 2018, and new statistics to benchmark your own performance against. The report include contributions from Microsoft, KLM, Estee Lauder and many more leading brands.

State of Customer Service Survey 2018

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The 20+ page briefing covers:

  1. The biggest issues for in-house customer service leaders in 2018: Such as, why over half of respondents put understanding their customers as their greatest challenge
  2. Priorities for 2018 and beyond: Where customer service executives are spending their budget, and where they’re looking to invest in the next 6-12 months
  3. Benchmark yourself against the competition: Find out in order which topics are deemed essential for 2018 – and what is being researched for the future
  4. Personalised, Proactive or Effortless? Find out how brands are creating outstanding service for 2018 and why self-service is on the rise

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