CodeBroker Introduces “CS Resolve” for Customer Service Appeasement

Angry customer phone call

Application turns customer frustration into customer delight via instant delivery of digital coupons and gift cards.

CodeBroker, the pioneer in mobile and digital coupons, today announced CS Resolve, a digital appeasement solution that provides instant value to an unhappy customer, for immediate conflict de-escalation.

Designed for customer service representatives while handling unhappy customers, CS Resolve is a simple-to-use application that enables customer service reps to instantly deliver a pre-approved digital coupon or gift card to an upset customer – in a way that is secure, trackable, and accountable.

“With CS Resolve, customer service representatives can instantly de-escalate customer issues with something of monetary value – such as a 30% coupon offer or a $10 gift card,” says Dan Slavin, CodeBroker CEO.  “Not only is the customer made happy, but it virtually guarantees they will continue to do business with the retailer.

“Customer-defined reward choices and delivery options are pre-built into the solution’s menus and transacted with just a few mouse clicks,” added Slavin.

Anti-fraud technology ensures the offer codes and gift cards are issued to recipients one time only and expire upon redemption.

A simple dashboard allows the business to track the actions of individual team members, the reason for the appeasement, the number and type of appeasements being made to customers, the number of appeasements issued, and the number of those redeemed.

Key Features of CodeBroker CS Resolve:

  • Instantly send coupon or gift card via the customer’s preferred digital channel: chat, text, email, social media.
  • Single-use security prevents coupons and gift cards from being used more than once.
  • Populate a library of pre-approved coupons and gift cards.
  • Track coupon and gift card delivery and redemptions to ensure accountability and facilitate analysis.
  • Easily embed within your existing contact center software.

CS Resolve Benefits:

 Resolve customer conflicts with instant appeasement.

  • Drive customer loyalty and retention.
  • Save service reps time handling dissatisfied customers.
  • Drive further business through digital coupons and gift cards.

About CodeBroker 

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