Six Ways to Provide Amazing Online Customer Service

Couple shopping online with credit card

Online shopping has taken off beyond all predictions in recent years with more customers heading online than ever before.

As shopping online becomes more popular, customers are becoming more demanding when it comes to the level of customer support they expect. This presents the perfect opportunity for you to differentiate yourself from the competition by creating more memorable customer experiences.

Read on to find out how you can provide amazing customer service to your online customers!

Offer Multiple Contact Channels

All customers like to have choices and online shoppers are no different. Customers like to select the contact channel that is most comfortable for them. This may include email, phone or more increasingly these days, real-time chat. You also need to ensure your contact details are clearly displayed so that customers can contact you quickly if they become confused or frustrated.

Provide Online Assistance

Research reveals that a growing number of online consumers expect real-time assistance and help while making a purchase. By installing live chat software on your website. Live chat can be a great way to add that personal touch to your business and research reveals that live chat may increase sales.

Create a FAQ Page

Companies have found that customers tend to ask many of the same questions when they need help in completing their purchases. This is where compiling a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page can be especially useful. For example Cox, the video steaming company that allows you to watch the Emmys offers a comprehensive FAQ page where customers can find answers to all their questions.

Be Sociable

The online shopping experience is constantly evolving. For instance, consumers are now turning to social media to ask questions and even make complaints. Companies that want to keep those customers happy must ensure they develop a strong social media presence. To find out what issues today’s customers are concerned about, you can stay on top of the latest news by using Twitter’s hashtag #Trending section.

According to a recent report just 14 percent of customers make a purchase based on an advertisement, while 78 percent look for peer recommendations, like those found on social media. The bottom line is that eighty-one percent of small to medium businesses are now using social media—and you must join them as soon as you can!

Go Mobile

With the incredible rising number of mobile phones being sold globally, it is important that you make your online store or service mobile friendly. Web pages must display correctly on mobile phone displays and checkout buttons must be of a size that are easy to use.

Monitor Customer Feedback

If customers are not happy with your product or service, they talk. As mentioned earlier, some of them will share their feelings on social media. By monitoring social media platforms such as Facebook and twitter, you will be able to keep on top of the situation. But why not nip the negative chatter in the bud and provide an outlet for customer feedback on your website. Give visitors plenty of opportunities to tell you what they want and to air any frustrations they might have.

Keep this customer feedback in a database and you will have a virtual treasure trove of information that can used to make your business better— and to help you provide amazing online customer service!

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