Should Your Small Business Consider an Outsourced Contact Centre?

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Owning and operating a contact centre for your small business can be a costly endeavour. Recruiting, hiring, and training employees, purchasing software, and doing quality assurance checks all come at a cost. For this reason, many businesses employ a contact centre to handle their customer care.

According to, using an outsourced contact centre is one of the best ways to reach the numbers you want. Providing a script is all it takes, then contact centre agents will answer your business’s incoming calls. They offer various services, including order management, disputes, technical support, and offshore marketing.

However, outsourcing isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer, and that’s a fact. Contact centres can help you save money, but poor customer service can cause a massive flight of customers. So, it’s wise to consider these factors before making your final decision:


In general, this is the main reason businesses outsource. A business that outsources contact centre services doesn’t need to furnish a workspace for their employees. It takes a lot of money and effort to hire, train, and equip a contact centre team, along with the computers, desks, phones, and other office supplies.

In contrast, contact centres that are outsourced are ready to go. Having been trained and obtaining the resources necessary to take care of your customers, they’ll know how to provide customers with the support they need.

Lack Of Familiarity With The Business

Most of the time, contact centres that are outsourced don’t usually specialise in one field and work for a wide range of businesses. For businesses that have specific expertise needs, outsourcing could be a problem. It’d be best if you guaranteed that anybody who deals with your clients is capable of providing them with the assistance they require. A well-trained contact centre agent will provide a better experience for your customers by responding faster and providing more information.

Improved Technology

To stand out, many outsourcing companies try to set themselves apart by investing in the most up-to-date technology so they can add value to their clients. They may have access to newer and better ticketing software, call routing algorithms, or artificial intelligence tools.

You may reap the benefits of this new technology without forking over a significant upfront cost. Small businesses that are just getting started and want to deliver the best possible service should consider it.

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 Language Barriers

If you outsource your contact centre to a foreign country, you may not be able to communicate successfully because of language and cultural differences. That’s why selecting an outsourcing partner and ensuring these agents are adequately trained and able to communicate is essential. In addition to the fact that this is an inconvenience for your customers, it can also harm your brand’s reputation.


Outsourced contact centres often provide their team members with multiple shifts. This is to ensure that the tremendous amount of work they usually do doesn’t overwhelm them and let them work every day until they finish all the work that needs to be done.

Their flexibility is a huge benefit to your business, especially if it’s only open during specific hours. When your team is unavailable, the call centre will likely have representatives on hand. Whether it’s at night or early in the morning, they’ll be able to handle any calls that come in while you’re still in bed. These extra hours put in will pay off in the long run.

Reduced Feedback

A good contact centre can keep up with how customers want to use new channels or what they think. However, outsourcing a contact centre can distort customer interactions because of the additional layers of management and the resulting increase in distance between the organisation and its customers.

The people who buy your product or service are always willing to help you improve it, and they tell you everything they want from you next. A lot of the valuable feedback you get from your customers is lost when you outsource your customer service. When you employ a contact centre, you’ll only get a limited amount of information about how many inquiries have been answered and how many individual cases have been handled.

Quality Service

For the most part, the clients and managers of an excellent outsourced contact centre can keep an eye on every call made. Since these contact centres record and perform quality assurance meetings regularly, they can ensure that every call is handled to the highest standard.

For them, their workforce must be as effective and efficient as possible so you can keep using their service. As a result, they work as hard as they do for themselves. They want you to succeed because if your business thrives, theirs will as well.


Outsourcing isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution, but many businesses could benefit a lot from hiring contact centres to do most of the work—whether order management, disputes, technical support, and offshore marketing. The decision is all up to you and your business needs. After reading this post, you should know whether outsourcing is the correct choice for your small business.

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