Meet the Science Superstars of Customer Service!

Sometimes customer service teams go far beyond the call of duty to delight their customers. One such team is the Guest Services team at the South Florida Science Center.

Customer service team at South Florida Science Center

The team does more than just sell admission tickets and merchandise. They are always looking for new ways to “wow” the customer. For example, they will wear funny “Mad Scientist” costumes to entertain the students, they will stand in to do a marine touch tank presentation if someone is out sick, and they provide tours to disabled guests that may not have companions.

Customer service team at South Florida Science CenterIf a guest loses a hat or phone, the team jumps up and helps them look for it. If a small child scrapes their knee, the team races to help with bandages and ice packs to help. The staff is always so customer service friendly and accommodating to the guests. Also, they always encourage guests to explore the extras of the facility, and will usually escort them to demonstrate certain exhibits or brain teasers.

South Florida Science Center Guest Services teamThey are customer service specialists, and they enjoy making visitors happy. Even though there are challenges along the way, they all keep smiling to making the magic happen.

They are definitely Science Superstars of Customer Service!

Submitted by Lila Klix, Director of Visitor Services & Volunteer Recruitment, the South Florida Science Center, Florida. To nominate your customer service star or team for inclusion in our ‘In the Spotlight’ feature, please contact the Editor.

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