Free Webinar: How to Keep Your Service Teams Customer-Focused

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In these uncertain times it is important to keep your customer at the heart of what you do. To deliver exceptional customer service and inspire loyalty you need to create an internal culture that emphasises this.

As a CS leader, you need to keep your finger on the pulse both in terms of best practice and the innovations driving change.

We at Incite Group by Reuters Events have brought together visionaries from BT, Butternut Box and Customer Service Culture for a free webinar (10am GMT April 8th).

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Speakers include:

  • Nicola Millard, Principal Innovation Partner, BT
  • Harriet Treadwell, Head of Customer Love, Butternut Box
  • Paolo Fabrizio, Digital Customer Service, Customer Service Culture
  • Gerry Brown, Chief Customer Rescue Officer, Customer Lifeguard

Join us as we discuss:

  • Train agents to engage and retain customers by delivering a personalised service: CS agents are the human face of your brand and their engagement with your customer counts. Learn what training and soft skills your CS agents need, to showcase your brand in the most positive light possible
  • Evaluate and overhaul the corporate culture of your contact centre: Metrics are important, but CS agents need to have a strong grip on the skills necessary to make the customer feel valued. Move to a customer-first way of thinking throughout your interactions
  • Enrich Agent-Customer Interactions with AI insights: Instead of replacing human interactions, AI can support them. Delegate call directing, simple questions and data analysis to AI-driven systems and free up your CS agents time, allowing them to provide answers to complex queries that need that human touch

Sign up now to listen in live or receive the recordings here

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