Revuze Launches a New Product Listing Optimization Tool For Marketplace Rankings

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Revuze, an Israeli market research Startup, launches an eCommerce product listing optimization tool for marketplace rankings.

This innovative feature helps clients to top the list in any eCommerce marketplace (Amazon, Walmart, Target, etc) searches and boost sales.

Revuze has created an innovative solution to acing marketing research using AI technology to analyze product listings and track customer reactions. They have applied in-depth cx analytics to create a product listing optimization feature. Services include keyword research and upgrading, optimization of product descriptions, monitoring competitor keywords, and customer activity. A free demo is available here.

Success factors include garnering clients among top retailers as well as smaller businesses, further developing a scalable business model and focus on branding and delivering value to clients.

This new tool was already vetted by key customers, as stated by Shae Hong, founder, and CEO of Made by Gather: “Our partnership with Revuze has empowered our teams to make faster, better decisions about product, positioning, and how we go to market.”

According to Boaz Grinvald, CEO of Revuze: “Regardless of the industry you’re operating in, Revuze can help you understand your market by giving you valuable insights into your customers’ experience and your competitors’ performance. Our AI solution is self-learning, which means you won’t have to spend a single minute teaching it the jargon of your industry.”

Customers gain access to this feature and other Revuze features through an annual license model that is adjustable to the needs of individual clients. Increased competition in eCommerce caused by organic trends as well as COVID-19 should dramatically increase demand and numbers of subscribers in the near and long-term future.

You can get a free demo of Revuze here.

About Revuze

Revuze is led by experts in marketing, business development, product management, and enterprise solutions. The Revuze leadership team brings broad and multidisciplinary experience in big data, machine learning, NLP (natural language processing), and sentiment analysis.

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