Rebranding: Inflow or Loss of Customer Base

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Rebranding is an active marketing strategy that changes the concept of the brand. Specialists use a new website design, a different slogan or logo. There may be additional products or services provided. The goal is to give a boost to development, to increase customer loyalty. The definition is published here.

Tasks and Stages of Rebranding

The uniqueness of the product and service is strengthened. It is necessary to tell potential consumers about the differences from analogues. One of the tasks is to strengthen the brand. To do this, the loyalty of visitors must be increased. Another goal is to attract additional customers.

The management of Jackpot City online casino does everything possible to increase the customer base. An extensive collection of gambling games is regularly updated with new products. You can play from your computer and cell phone. An original bonus policy with regular promotions is developed. Support service works around the clock to help customers solve problems.

There are four key stages of rebranding. They are described in the table.

the four stages of rebranding

The goal of properly conducted rebranding is to increase the customer base. It is important to avoid negative factors. In addition to rebranding, you need to maintain a consumer base. It is recommended to put customers first, even if they are dissatisfied with something.

What Rebooting Is Made For 

Rebooting is done when market conditions change, when the brand may fade because of it. It may be planned to lower the price of goods and services. The company name is changed if it is associated with something negative. For example, with the actions of a terrorist organization.

Innovative ideas are introduced into the business because of competition. The firm sometimes changes directions because of three reasons:

  1. Purchase/sale or change of ownership.
  2. Loss/acquisition of unique technology.
  3. Obtaining additional investment.

Rebranding helps motivate the company’s employees. It can bring the team together by changing the themes to be discussed. The staff will work hard for a growing business.

There are two types – changing the old concept or working out a new one. Analytics are required in every case where the firm’s profits stop increasing. It will be required:

  • interaction with customers and partners;
  • improvement of the system of professional development;
  • an increase in the level of stress resistance.

Clear coordination of efforts is necessary. In this case, when changing the brand, risks are reduced. Rebranding is required only in situations where the company may close due to new conditions. In other cases, it is easier to create a new brand.

How to Maintain a Customer Base

Business owners should keep a database of customers. It is expensive and inefficient to work with occasional customers. To increase loyalty, it is better to enter complete information about each person. For example, if a customer’s birthday is listed, you can congratulate him or her on the holiday, offer a bonus or an additional discount. If customers are happy, they will respond positively about the company and its terms.

The base is better divided into two parts – regular customers and VIPs. This recommendation makes it easier to serve each category. With a competent marketing strategy, different options of notification about promotions and offers are used. Mailings by e-mail and SMS are suitable.

How to Put Customers First 

You can look at the positive aspects of UK Power Networks as an example. It’s a call center that has 20 million people calling in every day for support. The employees have created a new culture of service. Every customer feels:

  • valued;
  • empowered;
  • heard.

To do this, the company first made internal changes. They affected the relationship between employees and top management. Every team member feels valued as a result. He strives to do everything for the customers who call in. That’s why people choose to stay.

How to Deal with Angry Customers

It is necessary to work with angry customers so that the number of consumers does not decrease. It is recommended to keep an ACP protocol. Company employees should adhere to five rules.

  1. There are always unsatisfied customers.
  2. Employees hear words that offend their dignity.
  3. They should understand and accept callers.
  4. It is recommended to avoid insults.
  5. It is necessary to work with the facts to solve the problem.

Now, let’s talk about this in order. You need to prepare yourself for the fact that you will have to listen to customer complaints (including foul language) in any case. The telephone operators do not inspire respect for themselves by default. You need to shy away from insults by offering customers constructive steps to solve the problem.


Rebranding is the tip of the iceberg. It needs to be done correctly, given the recommendations of marketing experts. It does not affect the inflow or loss of customer base on its own. To prevent the latter, it is necessary to put consumers first. If they are angry, the right resolution is important.

Even CNN news has information about the rebranding. You can read it at The situation concerns the world-famous company Twitter. The number of users grew steadily even before the change.

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