Hacks To Get Many YouTube Likes On YouTube

YouTube Likes

Do you want to monetize your videos with advertising on YouTube? Are you looking for ways to get more visibility on your brand channel? Whatever your goal, increasing your likes on your YouTube channel is a great start.

It is a great way to strengthen your online presence. Increasing the likes on your channel can help you make more out of your videos. Don’t know how to get more likes on your channel? These hacks will help you do just that.

1. Create quality content, short and direct.

Having quality content on your YouTube channel, you won’t have a hard time getting a huge number of likes on your posts. Viewers tend to appreciate and like posts that offer great contents that are short and direct. So with quality and creative content, you will have viewers liking and also subscribing to your posts. Improve your content by taking care of the outlook of your videos. Always include attractive titles and try as much as you can to differentiate yourself from other YouTubers in your sector by using a unique approach.

Videos that go straight to the point and explain a concept very well are the ones that work best. Ensure your videos are brief and concise. Although on certain occasions, depending on the theme, it is normal for your videos to take some time. If you happen to have a long video, ensure that your video is engaging enough to prevent viewers from getting tired or bored.

2. Be consistent.

Consistency is another important hack to getting huge likes on your YouTube videos. Many youtube users are hardly consistent when it comes to uploading videos on their channels. This can lead to viewers losing interest or completely forgetting about your channel and your posts. So to keep your likes and views growing, we advise you to be consistent with your posts as this will keep your viewers locked in and glued to your channel.

Ensure you post new videos regularly. If you plan on uploading videos weekly, you can post your videos on the same day and at the same time as the previous week. Make this a regular timing on your YouTube channel. This way, your fans will know when to expect your content and it will be easier for them to get hooked on to the channel. However, if you feel buying cheap likes on YouTube will be great for you, you can also purchase likes on your page.

3. Introduce yourself.

Introducing yourself on video

I know what you’re thinking. You’re probably asking yourself “how can introducing myself get me a lot of likes?” Well then, I’m going to break it down for you in a bit. The reason I mentioned this on the list is that people tend to connect to you and your videos when you introduce yourself properly. It helps your viewers to feel comfortable and trust your videos as they believe they know you. However, you still need to make your introduction as engaging and creative as possible. Remember, creativity is a great hack to getting a lot of likes on your video. So don’t hesitate to introduce yourself in your videos while explaining who you are and what you do.

4. Customize the design of your channel.

This is one hack that is regularly overlooked when it comes to increasing the number of likes on your page. As a YouTuber, you need to take out time to properly design and customize your channel. Viewers are drawn to unique and creative designs put up by channel owners. The more attractive it is at first glance, the more likely you are to get new subscribers on YouTube.

5. Interact with other YouTubers and with users.

Responding and interacting with your viewers is a great way to increase the number of likes on your post. For your likes to increase, you need to create a community for your viewers. If you want to create a community around your channel, you have to do your part. Respond to influencers in your videos, propose collaborations, reply to the comments of your followers and offer them new ways to interact with you whenever you can. Trust me, it’s a sure hack to help increase the number of likes on your videos.

6. Include a call to action.

Call to action

If you want more subscribers and likes on YouTube, don’t hesitate to ask for them! Yes, you have to notify or direct your viewers to like your videos after viewing them. Include calls to action in your videos to instruct your viewers to “Like” and ask your followers on other channels to subscribe. You can also offer a special incentive in exchange for liking and subscribing. Many YouTubers often forget to include a call to action at the end of their videos. Even with creative and well-constructed content, a call to action should remain an integral part of your video.

7. Customize your thumbnails.

A trick as simple as it is effective: choose your personalized thumbnail every time you upload a video and make sure they are attractive and different from each other. If you’re wondering what thumbnails are, they are small or miniature representations of the image or images on your channel. Your thumbnails have to be well-designed and attractive to enable you to get more users to click and lick your posts. You can design your thumbnails by using relevant images, adding texts, and incorporating bright colors. There are many available sites for you to create your thumbnails.

8. SEO on YouTube

I know you’re probably wondering what SEO has to do with getting more likes on your YouTube channel. Well, SEO does a great deal to increase the number of likes on your page. If you get your videos to appear in the first results of user searches, your likes and subscribers will eventually multiply on its own. We saved this hack for last because it is a whole new ball game on its own. But now to worry, we have taken the time to break it down into little tricks that’ll help improve your likes. Try as much as you can to pay attention to these SEO tricks to make your videos stand out:

  • Always include the keywords you want to use in both the name and the title of the video.
  • Optimize your description – It is recommended that your description should be between 400 and 500 words. Your description should adequately explain the content of your video while including the keyword that you want to position several times.
  • Plan the launch of your video properly – Getting a good number of visits in the first days helps to better position your channel. To achieve this, you have to pay adequate attention to your promotion strategy before launch.
  • Add relevant tags to your uploaded videos – This way, you will appear more frequent both in search results and in related videos (the YouTube sidebar).
  • Make link building – As with web pages, it is a good idea to do “off-page SEO” to get links to your video and in this way increase its authority regarding the positioning algorithms.
  • Post your videos on your blog – increase the views on your YouTube channel by using your blog especially at the start of your channel. This way, you will be able to move organic traffic from one place to another. Another good thing about putting videos in your blog articles is that you can increase the retention time on the page and earn minutes of viewing on YouTube. Do not forget to put in the description of the YouTube videos the link to the related article on your blog. For example, you may notice some YouTube videos often have a link in the description. You can use a shortened bit.ly link that leads to your blog content where you can expand the information.

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