Polypipe Building Products Utilising Customer Feedback to Propel Growth for Its Underfloor Heating Systems

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Polypipe Building Products, the UK’s leading manufacturer of plastic piping systems and low-carbon heating solutions for the residential market, has shared it has been investing in its customer feedback programme to drive growth in the emerging Underfloor Heating market.

Working with software firm, CustomerSure, Polypipe Building Products, which has its headquarters in Doncaster, has launched a robust digital customer feedback programme, which members of the team credit with helping them to improve customer experience and sales.

Polypipe Building Products’ quote volume has increased by an impressive 51% since 2017 when the team started investing in their customer feedback programme, so they now have over 5 years of insights which are used to drive improvements within the organisation, inform communications and sales strategies, and provide a benchmark to which the organisation holds itself going forward.

Jason Nightingale, Head of Marketing at Polypipe Building Products, said: “The underfloor heating market is a key area of growth for us as a Group and one we’re investing in heavily, due to the simple fact that we know underfloor heating solutions are more environmentally friendly than traditional heating solutions and play a key role in heating homes as we transition to a low carbon future.

“That said, we also know that it’s very much a highly-considered purchase for a customer, so extra assurances are required to distinguish Polypipe Underfloor Heating from the wide range of competitors in the market. We’ve found customer feedback to be hugely valuable in helping to differentiate us, as well as providing potential customers with genuine experiences from real end-users.”

The customer feedback programme in place at Polypipe Building Products spans every component of the Underfloor Heating service, from the initial sales enquiry to fitting, to aftercare, and every interaction in between, allowing the Marketing team to adapt the offering and messaging to be more targeted, based on what customers have expressed real value in.

Dean Asher, Head of Technical and Customer Services at Polypipe Building Products, says: “We’re proud to be delivering a universally positive experience across the service, and the itemised nature of how we collect feedback provides us with data that highlights areas we’re really excelling in, and those in which might need a little work.

“This is especially significant when utilising third-party engineers, for example, as we can see the real feedback from these interactions and be confident in the people we work with. It’s a cycle of continuous improvement, but it’s one we’re seeing real value in. We’re confident that we can keep building on the success we’ve seen so far.”

Guy Letts, CEO of CustomerSure, added: “We’ve had the pleasure of working with Polypipe Building Products since 2017 and it is great to see an organisation of this calibre and size take customer feedback so seriously. They are a fantastic example of how the right approach to customer feedback can drive real business growth, especially in a highly competitive marketplace like the Underfloor Heating sector.”

About CustomerSure

CustomerSure is a multi-award-winning software company that champions the business benefits of customer feedback. Set up in 2010 by Guy Letts, who previously worked at leading technology firm, The Sage Group plc.

The business works with clients including Barchester Healthcare, Polypipe Building Products (part of the Genuit Group) and Marmalade Insurance, helping them gather, utilise and maximise the power of customer feedback to boost growth.

Today, the business is led by Guy, Luke Brown, Chris Stainthorpe and Darren Wake, a team of customer feedback fanatics helping organisations to better understand the tangible benefits that using a tool like CustomerSure can bring to a business’ bottom line.

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