Online Meeting in iMind: 7 Ways to Improve Video Conferencing

Remote worker using video call on computer

We know exactly how to negotiate in real life and not to lose face. However, it has long been understood that meetings with videoconferencing would come into our lives, but the pandemic period has accelerated the process considerably. But how can you boost the effectiveness of conferences compared to live communication?

Top 7 Ways to Improve Video Conferencing

We are ready to share with you important tips for online meeting in iMind to use effectively and establish communication

1. Connect from Anywhere You Want To Be Connected

If you have access to the Internet, whether you’re in the office, on the beach, hiking in the mountains or on a plane, you can easily participate in video meetings. This is probably the main advantage of online meetings. You are not tied to your interlocutors or listeners geographically. The iMind video calling platform can be accessed from any device for maximum mobility.

2. Screen Sharing

Screen-sharing can save a ton of time trying to explain what’s going on. For example, you can extend any text editor to the full screen, write down ideas and show the screen to those who are just watching. In an offline meeting, this is much harder to do. But with iMind you can broadcast multiple screens at the same time, so make the most of this opportunity for you and your team!

3. Record the Сonference Сalls

A video conference can be recorded and reviewed later in case you missed something. A live meeting can’t simply be recorded on camera. Remember to get the consent of all participants.

4. Holding Brief Meetings

The best time to discuss the day’s plan with team members is in the morning. But how do you make the time? In large companies, this is problematic for a variety of reasons. Make video calls! Use telephones if you are used to the on-the-go meeting format. Just don’t forget your headphones if you work in an open space. Make sure you have them on.

5. Build your Knowledge Center

Record training sessions, reports, and presentations you deliver via video conference. New employees will only need to watch the recordings to get up to speed, which will save the knowledge carrier time during networking sessions.

6. Adjust the Lighting

Don’t sit in front of a window. If the light source is behind you, you look like a dark spot and you can’t see your face. You’ll look at least as acceptable if you put the light source behind the camera. It’s best to have 2 light sources – one behind and one on either side of the camera. Ideally, they should be natural light sources. Your face will look fresher, wrinkles will not be emphasized. Artificial light sources are often dimmer and cast ugly shadows on the face.

If you want to look flawless at an online meeting at any time of day or night, a ring light is the way to go. It casts a soft, even glow, gives your face little to no shadow and your eyes get that extra sparkle.

7. Take Care of the Background

Piles of clothes or a collection of toys in a child’s room can be distracting. You don’t have to do a major clean-up to maintain video conferencing etiquette – choose a spot in your home where there are minimal distractions or change the background in your call settings.

Every time you hold a meeting, pay attention to these points and they will soon become routine.


These tips should increase your efficiency and make the imind experience even more enjoyable and productive!

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