New Fleet Management Industry Trends In 2021-2022

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Do you wonder how commercial vehicle fleet management will look in the near future? Do you want to know more about new fleet management technology? Read on to find out more.

The last year has changed our lives dramatically, and lots of industries have undergone various changes. On the one hand, there were plenty of roadblocks in different spheres. Many companies suffered from losses and didn’t know how to cope with the situation. On the other hand, 2020 pushed corporations to search for new trends that could help them stay afloat.

The fleet management industry has also learned how to adapt to the challenges. Thus, plenty of new technology that helps increase efficiency in the sphere appeared. This article will:

  • describe the main popular trends in the fleet industry;
  • explain why the largest fleet management companies investigate them;
  • show how their implementation could maximize efficiency and foster collaboration

Adapting To New Reality

The pandemic has changed the working environment, and lots of people started to work from home. Indeed, fleet managers are used to remote work as the team is usually dispersed. However, it still could be difficult to efficiently organize collaboration with colleagues. Therefore, many companies are still looking for the best solutions.

It is true that we should accept that even when COVID-19 fades away, lots of businesses will still choose a remote working environment. Therefore, it’s vital to adapt to the new reality and find the most effective ways of cooperating with colleagues.

Luckily, with the use of good fleet management software, it is easy to stay up to date, even working from home. It has many advantages as it helps to:

  • collect all the data in one place;
  • track vehicles in real-time;
  • diagnose and forecast maintenance costs;
  • analyze financial statistics

Paying Attention To Safety Measures

Another essential thing that is also connected to the pandemic is the implementation of safety measures. Thus, companies do their best to make sure that employees are safe. For example, fleet industries pay more attention to sanitization. They also ensure that drivers have personal protection equipment.

Moreover, most companies use health and safety protocols nowadays. It helps them reduce the risks of the spread of infection and make sure that drivers, passengers, and clients are safe.

Expansion Of Electric Vehicles

Most people have heard about carbon dioxide emissions and their effects on the atmosphere. It causes lots of issues, from smog and air pollution to climate change. Thus, this question is on the agenda nowadays, and businesses are looking for the best solution.

The majority of large companies are ready to take part in various activities that can help reduce CO2 emissions.  Truck fleet management companies aren’t an exception. They are also trying their best to find ways to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. One of the solutions they have come across is the expansion of electric vehicles.

It seems that this is an affordable alternative that is becoming more of an inevitability than a possibility. There are various reasons for that:

  • lots of people invest in electric cars, and the market is rapidly growing;
  • more and more charging ports are appearing;
  • electricity is cheaper, and it means that such vehicles can help fleets save money on fuel

Considering Possible Trends That May Appear In The Near Future

Fleet companies should always pay attention to new trends in order to keep up with the times. For instance, the industry is interested in autonomous vehicles. It seems to be another futuristic technology that will be beneficial for the sphere. Therefore, managers should pay attention to the news and look for ways on how this trend can be implemented in the future.


All in all, technology changes pretty fast, and it is important to pay particular attention to the newest trends. It works for all spheres, and the fleet industry isn’t an exception. Indeed, it’s impossible to predict all the changes. Still, if companies continuously learn new things, they can beat their competitors.

Those companies that want to stay competitive should always be ready to adapt to new circumstances. For instance, the pandemic made the majority of people work remotely, and not all businesses were ready for such changes. Lots of companies suffered from huge losses as they didn’t know how to organize the work properly. It’s true that fleet managers are used to their team being dispersed. Still, even for them, remote work was a new challenge.

The good news is that there’s always a solution. Thus, plenty of fleet managers have started to use special software. This helps them monitor productivity and organize collaboration inside the team.

COVID-19 has also taught us that it’s vital to accept new reality fast. Therefore, fleet companies need to keep investigating new trends to be ready to implement them into their business.

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