Zenarate Enhances Call Analyzer with New Call Insights to Surface Customer Call Trends and Drive Proactive Agent Training

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Zenarate AI Coach is the first training platform that virtually improves itself from live call trends and intelligence delivered by the new Call Insights actionable data .

Zenarate, a leading provider of AI Simulation Training for customer-facing agents, today announced Call Insights, furthering the powerful intelligence available through its AI Coach Call Analyzer solution. It gives contact center leaders advanced analytics and invaluable insights from customer calls, offering a deep dive into the voice of the customer and providing trend analysis to build proactive responses into agent simulation training scenarios.

Call Insights underscores Zenarate’s innovation in AI Simulation Training for contact center agent development, improved customer service KPIs, and transforming how agents learn and perform. Harnessing the power of AI, Call Insights dynamically creates call topics of interest by grouping similar phrases and utterances, providing a comprehensive view of customer interactions and key areas of notice. It turns raw data into actionable intelligence, allowing businesses to stay ahead of emerging customer concerns and sentiment.

Same-day trend analysis on live calls means leaders can proactively monitor customer sentiment, topic frequency, and emerging issues, giving them a comprehensive voice of the customer. Over time, these trends and intelligence inform simulation training topics and skills to ensure agents are always on the cutting edge of customer needs. With Call Insights proactively surfacing up topics, business leaders are freed up to focus on value-creating actions and priorities.

“With the addition of Call Insights, we are empowering contact center leaders with the tools they need to unlock actionable insights from customer calls to drive proactive and timely responses and improve the overall customer experience,” said Brian Tuite, co-founder and CEO of Zenarate. “Our platform team is continuously advancing the power of AI Coach to help contact center and training leaders deliver consistent superior customer experiences and performance.”

Zenarate’s AI Coach platform provides customer service agents with a comprehensive and immersive “flight simulator” experience. Agents engage in lifelike conversation, screen, and chat simulations, mastering critical topics for live interactions. AI Coach empowers newly hired and experienced agents to role-play with their personal unbiased AI Coach, improving their confidence, soft skills and best practices. With over 16 million simulations delivered in 15 languages to clients across various industries, Zenarate’s AI-powered training yields remarkable results, including a 56% faster speed-to-proficiency, 33% higher average CSAT scores, and 32% lower agent attrition.

To learn more about Zenarate, please visit www.zenarate.com

About Zenarate

Zenarate is a pioneer in AI Simulation Training and Agent Development, dedicated to creating and supporting top-performing contact center agents to deliver superior customer experiences. Its AI Coach platform is purpose-built to develop outstanding customer service agents by training, certifying, assessing, and continuously coaching millions of agents in 79 languages worldwide. For more information, visit www.zenarate.com

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