Nemesysco Emotion Analysis Technology Improves Japan Call Center Operations

Ryo Yamada

Nemesysco, a provider of voice analytics solutions for genuine emotion detection, has reported that CENTRIC, a provider of outsourced call center services in Japan, is using the company’s technologies to improve customer journey and sales performance in its three call centers across Japan.

CENTRIC has incorporated Nemesysco core QA7 and Layered Voice Analysis (LVA) technologies in its Deep SEA emotion detection and analysis service.

The Deep SEA emotion detection and analysis service, which is enable by Nemesysco’s technologies, provides users with real-time indications of the current emotional state of callers. The technology significantly helps CENTRIC to optimize outbound marketing and sales campaigns as well as identify upsell opportunities during inbound calls, according to company officials.

The QA7 technology can detect and measure uncontrolled psycho-physiological changes to a person’s voice during conversations. The technology is indifferent to language or the content of speech and works by analyzing over 150 tiny bio-markers that correlate with many key human emotions such as excitement, stress, anger, uncertainty, happiness, hesitation, embarrassment and more.

This type of advanced emotion analytics provides call center agents with real-time recommendations, including tailored scripts on how to approach each caller, the company said.

“We consider Nemesysco’s voice analytics technologies and our Deep SEA service to be our main competitive differentiators that enable our call center service to stand out in an increasingly crowded market,” said Ryo Yamada, CEO of CENTRIC.

As part of its business expansion strategy, CENTRIC recently opened a new call center in Wakayama in the south of the country and tripled its overall staff of call center agents during the past six months.

To further expand its offering in the call center segment, CENTRIC is planning to offer the Deep SEA service to companies that manage their own call centers.

CENTRIC is also using Nemesysco’s LVA technology to improve its human resources activities. The LVA technology helps CENTRIC evaluate applicants for open positions and candidates for promotions. CENTRIC also uses the technology to monitor the wellbeing of agents and track changes over time in order to identify agents that are stressed and at risk of churning.

Commenting on the partnership with CENTRIC, Amir Liberman, CEO of Nemesysco, said, “The unique deployment of our voice analytics technologies for CENTRIC in Japan can serve as an example to other providers of outsourced call centers considering emotion detection as a value added service for improving the customer journey and sales performance of their customers.”

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