Customer Service Policy – What is it?

These days most organizations have a customer service policy. This is because customer care is becoming more important as companies strive for better customer engagement.

Customer service policyIt is important that the customer understands what he or she can expect in terms of service, and a customer service policy can communicate this very well.

A basic policy may simply state the company’s details; the customer service phone number (which may include a freephone or 0845 telephone number), fax and email contact points, opening hours and delivery times.

The policy may spell out the roles of the contact center staff and the level of courtesy that can be expected from them.

It goes without saying that good customer service training should be in place in the order to fulfil the customer’s needs and expectations.

If an outsourcing company is used, it is very important that the employees doing customer facing jobs have access to company policies and service performance levels are measured from time to time.

Technology and CRM software in particular play a critical part in the design and delivery of a customer service policy. There are numerous customer relationship management applications available and good care should be taken in the selection and implementation of the right solution for your business.

In summary, a customer service policy is an important way to reach out to customers and is another step on the road to achieving customer loyalty.

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