Achieve Your Goals: Time To Get SMART

Without goals, managing a company would be akin to driving to an unfamiliar destination without a map.


Goal setting is a critical component used when building a strategy for success. Whether in management or in your personal life, it is important to establish goals which can be met in a reasonable amount of time; in a realistic manner; and within the scope of your ability.

As a manager, your goals must be clearly shared with your employees. But first the mission of the company must be defined; and the manner in which the goals are to be achieved should be outlined in a concise way.

Goal setting and articulating that which you wish to achieve to your employees gives them a sense of ownership, and paves the way for them to become open to new ideas; formulate plans; and assist you in developing implementations which can bring you closer to the goals set. In addition, goal setting provides for increased productivity; greater efficiency; and commitment to ensuring success in all facets of the business.

Goal setting gives everyone the opportunity to optimize their role and increase the future success of the company. Moreover, when setting goals each year, as a manager you can devise action plans for the company; relay them to the employees, so that everyone is aware of what is expected and how they will be carried out.

The manager can then determine each year if the goals were met; what needs to be adjusted or tweaked; and continue the process the following year with a more realistic understanding of what can and cannot be accomplished.

When setting goals, keep in mind the SMART mnemonic. SMART stands for:

  • S Specific
  • M Measurable
  • A Attainable
  • R Relevant
  • T Time-bound

For example, instead of having “to answer my phone faster” as a goal, applying SMART you would say “I will answer all my phone calls within 3 rings by December 31, 2015.”

When you have achieved a goal, take the time to enjoy the feeling of satisfaction. Think about the consequences of the goal achievement, and focus on progress you have made towards other goals. Remember to reward yourself and others appropriately. As well as helping you get things done, goals can be a great confidence booster too.

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