Making Your Brand More Memorable (for All the Right Reasons)

Brand Managers meeting

If you’re looking for a way for your brand to cut through the clutter of today’s media landscape, you’re not alone.

The average person is exposed to around 1,700 banner ads per month, but sees only half of them, and while there is an absence of official figures, it is estimated that consumers now encounter between 6,000 and 10,000 advertising messages a day.

In this competitive, crowded environment, how can you make your brand more distinctive and memorable?  Part of the solution may lie in your brand name: is it unique?  Does it tell consumers something about your business or product?  Most importantly, do consumers then receive a brand experience which lives up to the expectation through your customer service and any other touch points they have with your brand?

Meeting your brand

It has been shown that it only takes 7 seconds to register a first impression, whether that’s meeting a new friend, colleague or potential consumer.  Your brand name is a huge part of that first impression.  What does it tell people about your product or service?  It’s worth taking professional advice here; for example, Name Stormers will explore the opportunities your potential brand name creates, as well as testing it locally and globally for any cultural nuances you may want to know about upfront.

A good introduction will tell your audience whether you’re a friendly family run business, or a polished corporate operation; a savvy financial firm, or a wholesome craft items supplier.  It’s an important start, but there’s more you can do to boost your chances of being well remembered.

Making it easy

Consumers are bombarded with messaging, so in order to be memorable, make it easy.  Choose a name that’s simple to remember and – crucially – easy to spell when finding the website or sending an email. Study the competition: perhaps there are naming trends in your market that you can use as a shorthand to signpost people to your kind of business, making it easy for customers to work out what you do, whilst still having something distinctive that makes you unique.

Creating a good fit

If your brand is to be memorable for the right reasons, it’s important that your branding fits your company and your consumer.  Recent global research shows that consumers are seeking purpose-driven brands; brands which are clear about the problems they solve or particular reason for their existence.  If you can identify your brand’s purpose, and highlight that in your messaging, finished product and customer service, you will achieve an authenticity and brand experience which are memorable and distinctive.

Becoming a memorable brand in this age of huge advertising spends and 24/7 media presence is no mean feat.  Choosing a name which sets the tone, is easy to recall and perhaps points to your purpose and role, is the first step.  The next challenge is to ensure that the consumer experience of your brand – from the shop floor to remote customer service centers – matches the promise created by your branding.  If you can get that right, customers may fondly remember and recommend you for years to come.

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