Is the NBA Customer Service An Example To Follow?

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The National Basketball Association is the biggest basketball league in the world sweeping most of the world’s basketball followers. The league was launched back in 1946 with a different name “The Basketball Association of America“ and it stayed that way for three years after transforming to the National Basketball Association.

The BAA had a rough start, with only 11 teams and 4 of them decided to drop out after the first year. On top of that, it went head-to-head with the NBL which was the most popular league at that time. After a couple of years, both leagues decided to merge adding a total of 17 teams.

Over the years, NBA grew to become one of the most popular leagues in the world with a massive audience grabbing a large portion of the 400 million basketball fans globally.

Nowadays, the NBA is much more than just watching games. They are also involved in many different projects like NFTs (NBA TopShot), Games, League Passes, Streaming services, and much more.

The constant peruse of something better, keeping up with the latest technology, and coming up with innovative ways where fans can interact with the sport, requires a great team that that will constantly work on solving problems.

One of the problems that can occur when you manage an organization with millions of customers is customer service.

No matter how well you design your services, or whether or not you thoroughly explained the issue, people will still want to get decent customer support. After all, they are paying for your services, so they require a bit of attention.

But how is the NBA managing its customer service?

We can say that the NBA is quite modernized. They are working hard on improving their social media presence just to be closer to their fans. With that said, they had some impressive marketing strategies that helped them reach a massive social media audience.

They use their social media platforms to interact with NBA fan’s answer questions and share important information about the sport.

Even though things look promising at the beginning; social media is more for building a relationship with the audience and not helping them or solving a problem that they face.

Fortunately, NBA is quite transparent with their contact information. They have an entire NBA Support Center section on their website where you can get answers to your questions in different ways. First of all, you need to choose the type of service you want help with, such as NBA App, NBA League Pass, Store Support, or Technical Support.

Once you’ve selected the problem you want to solve, you’ll be provided with in-depth data that is designed to guide you through the problem and hopefully fix it yourself.

If you cannot find the solution for your problem, or want some other assistance than provided, you can submit a request. Just like any customer support ticket, you need to fill in the reason for your contact, email address, description, and additional documents that might explain the issue more to the NBA support team.

Unlike other customer support inquiries where you have to wait for months to get a response, the NBA support team will contact you in a reasonable time and they are very helpful when it comes to solving problems.

If that did not solve your issue, you still got some options left. The NBA provides US Phone support where you can reach out to the support team by calling 1-844-622-8550. The support team is available every day from 11:00 AM to 1:00 AM EST.

How Do Customers Rate Their Service?

Unfortunately, despite having an operative customer service they do not rank very well in TrustPilot or Google Reviews.

Unlike the best NBA centers in their ranks, they allegedly lack agility to deliver. This seems true in their stores in Europe, having only 1.5 stars in their UK store.

Meanwhile, the general review of the NBA brand in TrustPilot is 2.8, although you can see very ambiguous complaints. With 45% of excellent reviews and 31% bad reviews, the NBA brand does not generate much consensus: effects of being a worldwide brand, perhaps?


Over the years, the National Basketball Association has built quite a strong customer service, at least on paper. But what do fans have to say about the NBA as a business model?

Well, through most of the online reviews, the NBA gets on average 4/5 stars which are good enough with that big of an audience. There are few complaints to the customer service but overall they manage to assist customers and most of them are satisfied.

In terms of being an example to follow, they have to work a lot harder in coming up with new innovative ways where fans can interact with the organization, such as chatbots or virtual assistants, just so customers can feel even more satisfied.

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