iAdvize Launches Live Chat Solutions in the UK

iAdvize continues to roll out across Europe. Next stop: the United Kingdom.

iadvizeiAdvize Live ChatiAdvize, the real-time customer service specialist, is launching its live chat and free call-back solutions in the UK.

The company was founded in 2010 and is now the leading live chat solution in France with more than 1000 clients throughout Europe. It launched in Spain in 2011 and in Germany six months ago; now iAdvize aims to establish itself in the UK with the English version of its customer service tool.

Meeting Customer Expectations

Online, it is extremely easy for a disappointed customer to leave a website to visit another. Keeping visitors on a website and meeting their expectations in terms of service is an increasingly competitive affair.

Research carried out by eDigitalResearch and IMRG showed that 40% of respondents believe that their customer service contact could have been improved with a live chat facility or a freephone contact number.

Companies need to improve the online customer service their provide to their visitors and customers. It is by meeting these expectations that websites will be able to make the difference by providing visitors with a positive online experience and thereby building brand loyalty.

Real-time Customer Service

iAdvize is a cloud-based solution specialised in real-time online customer service. More than 1000 companies currently use the iAdvize Click to Chat and Click to Call solutions, including companies such as Sony Europe, MAAF (one of France’s top insurance companies) and the online career service, Monster Worldwide.

In 2011, the company launched in Spain and in April 2013, the German version was rolled. iAdvize already has clients in the UK where it now aims to increase its presence.

Julien Hervouët, CEO, iAdvize said:

“Our long-term goal is to become the leader on the European market. In this context, the UK ecommerce market represents an important challenge for us. We aim to convince UK companies that our solution and expertise is what they need in order to improve online customer satisfaction and increase conversion rates.”

iAdvizeBuilding customer loyalty

Online, there has been a strong emphasis on self-service. However, online shoppers appreciate human contact and support. They expect immediate, free and simple customer service from a real person. Companies must provide multichannel service and give their customers the possibility to interact via the different communication channels they expect.

Live chat and free call-backs are solutions which enable customers to access the human contact they miss online; they obtain a fast and personalised answer to their question and consequently, the average customer satisfaction rate after a live chat conversation is more than 80%. This level of satisfaction builds customer loyalty and increases customer acquisition.

Help in the right situations

With behavioural targeting engine, customer service departments can connect with qualified visitor traffic by sending proactive help to visitors who may be facing difficulties with their purchase, have a basket worth a certain amount or have been on a page for specific length of time. iAdvize has extensive monitoring features which can accurately measure, in real-time, the level of customer satisfaction, website turnover and contact rates but also missed contact opportunities.

A recent user of iAdvize, Nelly Brossard, Managing Director, Amaguiz commented:

“Immediate and personalised advice is what customers expect. On average, 93% of visitors who received real-time support were satisfied.”

About iAdvize

iAdvize is specialised in real-time online customer service and provides Click to Chat and Click to Call solutions. Combined with a behavioural targeting engine, these tools can increase conversion rates and optimise customer satisfaction and loyalty. Founded in 2010 by Julien Hervouët and Jonathan Gueron, more than 1000 clients throughout Europe use iAdvize today in order to improve their real-time online customer service. Clients are from a wide range of industries, including ecommerce, banking and insurance. iAdvize is the leader for live chat in France where its headquarters are based and has recently launched in Germany.

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