How to Improve Customer Service on Your Website

Customer shopping online

Excellent customer service is vital nowadays. Buyers choose friendly, customer-centric brands who pay attention to their clients’ feelings and preferences.

Good customer service keeps clients loyal and satisfied, and brings your company insights on the aspects you need to improve and help you reach new clients. The greatest challenge you face when you try to achieve success on a competitive market is that people have a great choice at their fingertips, and if they aren’t happy with your offer, they can choose someone else quickly.

If you want to boost sales you should focus on improving the customer service on your website because it offers the opportunity to convince buyers to return and repeat purchases. Here are some tips to help you improve the customer experience of your web users.

Website users should have no issues accessing contact info

All the pages that contain company information, services or products should also provide contact info or a link that sends them to the Contact page. A well-designed website includes contact details in the principal navigation tab, in the About Us page, and in the footer of the website.

By creating the website pages this way, you reduce the effort customers experience when they need to get in touch with a brand representative. By offering them the chance to solve their problems onsite, you lower the possibility for your clients to navigate away from your web page, and you boost the chance to sell your products or services.

A great idea is to add a permanent banner or a pop-up on the site. This way the users have direct access and if they need professional support, they can do it from the page they’re visiting.

Offer multiple contact options

If you choose a single customer support option, you lose more clients than you may think. Online shoppers know they have a wide range of products from which to choose, and when they opt for a brand, they expect it to offer 100% customer support when they access its website. Studies state that:

  • 9 in 10 buyers expect companies to provide multiple contact channels
  • 50% want businesses to offer support on Facebook
  • 90% of people will choose another company if you don’t answer their questions
  • 80% of internet users state that online chat influences their attitude about the brand

You can notice from the above stats that buyers have set the bar high for sellers, and they want to receive a quick and personalised response. How can you do it?

  • You can integrate a chat bot on the website, so a message will pop up when they access your page
  • You should answer all emails in less than 24 hours
  • You should create social media profiles with inbox messaging available where people can send their questions, write testimonials and post their reviews
  • Install a direct customer support phone line

You may think people nowadays no longer call online businesses, but it’s one of the fastest ways someone to get in touch with you and to speak with a real human, so customers continie to take advantage of this option.

Provide detailed information and high-quality photos

When you create products, you know what they can be used for, but some of your clients may need instructions on how to use them. Sometimes the name of the product can confuse the buyer, and it’s advisable to offer them complete information. For example, if you sell clothes, you should include details like the fit, measurements, what size the model wears, the fabric, a short description of the item, and washing instructions.

You should always provide high-quality photos taken from multiple angles to promote your products. If the product comes in multiple options, you should take pictures for every one of them. Sometimes a 360-degree video of the product is the best way to show its characteristics.

Create a user-friendly website

You should ensure that people can access your website from their computers, tablets, laptops and smartphones. Many companies still have outdated web pages that open slowly, especially when the user accesses them from a phone or tablet. When you develop your website, you should consider this aspect.

It’s essential your web page to be simple to navigate, so buyers to easily find what they are looking for. Even cheap websites can be designed beautifully as long as you focus on details that boost the customer’s experience. To allow them to access it from a mobile device, you should integrate big buttons, one-touch calling and reduce duplicate content. If you create an e-commerce website, make sure the requesting procedure for the shopping basket is simple on all devices. If people cannot identify a quick answer to their questions, they’ll leave the website immediately.

Surprise them

All buyers have one thing in common, they love surprises and gifts. When it comes to surprises, they can be expected or unexpected, so you have to decide which type you prefer. If you plan surprises, they should serve your customers in a way none of your competitors can. These planned surprises are simple acts that improve customer service and loyalty. For example, if you create wedding invitations, you should use rubber stamps to stamp all the packages you send to your clients. This is an individual touch you can add to your products, your clients will definitely appreciate. When they post on social media that they received their wedding invitations, they will also share the box they were delivered in.

Unexpected surprises are also a great way to boost customer service because they wow clients. Free shipping, discounts, free samples, or products are only some of the surprises you should offer to loyal clients.

When your clients complain you can be sure they are not interested to find out about all your company policies, all they want is a solution to their problem. When they access your website they expect it to be user-friendly and reliable.

The best way to keep customers happy is to think like them and exceed their expectations when they visit your website – they’ll never choose your competitors again!

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