4 Reasons Business Professionals Must Use VPNs

VPN diagram

To a computer, data is but a string of 1s and 0s. But to individuals, institutions, and corporations, data has attained the status as one of our most valued possessions.

And like all valuable possessions, data must be protected assiduously. The trend of cyber-attacks is on a rising curve since the pandemic began, taking advantage of the fear and uncertainty that has arisen among the populace.

With increased online time during lockdowns–as professionals work from home and use the Internet as their primary means of leisure and socializing—the situation couldn’t be more propitious for hackers and cybercriminals to perpetrate all sorts of scams for stealing their data.

To avoid falling prey to such malice on the web, there are certain measures that professionals working in customer support and other functional areas can use. Although there are a variety of such measures, we’re going to focus on the simplest yet one of the most effective tools for protecting online security and privacy: VPN.

A VPN encrypts your traffic and masks your IP address, occluding your real identity from any hackers that might be roaming around on your network. Some VPNs go out of the way to offer a variety of privacy-boosting features such as PureVPN, which uses AES-256 encryption and protects users from privacy leaks effectively.

As such, whether you’re a customer support representative, a web developer, or a digital freelancer, a VPN can be extremely valuable for all types of professionals. Let’s focus on some of the key ways VPNs benefit professionals in the modern world.

1. Remotely access your work network securely

If you’re a customer support professional that has endured lockdowns forcing you to work from home, then a VPN can be an invaluable tool for helping you access resources within your office network.

Generally, an office network is much more secure than those we are used to at home. Most corporations employ a dedicated IT team for ensuring their office network is well-protected and secure from outside interference. As a result, if you work within this network even if you’re not physically present at the office, you are much likely to stay secure.

What’s more, your customer management panels and other enterprise software probably won’t be accessible from the comfort of your home unless you deploy a VPN.

As such, for both individual and corporate security, it has become imperative that professionals use a VPN compatible with their office network in order to continue accessing corporate resources with maximum security from external threats.

2. Testing your Software from other countries

If you’re a designer, app/web developer, webmaster etc. you probably understand the importance of testing your software/app/website as impartially as possible. This involves testing your app as people from different parts of the world will see it, which can be done by connecting to different VPN servers located overseas.

For instance, the advertisements and banners on your website might differ for users depending on which location they’re based in. Therefore, to verify everything is working as it should for all your international customers, a VPN can be immensely helpful for design, development, and optimization professionals.

3. Public Wi-Fi security for digital nomads

Due to open access and poor security, public Wi-Fi is the perfect environment for hackers to execute their nefarious schemes against unsuspecting users. Digital nomads that roam from place to place while performing their freelancing duties are particularly susceptible to hackers on public Wi-Fi network.

If you make it a habit of connecting to a VPN before using any public network, hackers are not going to have an easy time breaking into your system even if they wanted you. Therefore, if you’re traveling a lot for work and often connect to Wi-Fi of hotels, cafes, and airports, using a VPN is the least you can do for ensuring the security and privacy of your sensitive work files.

4. Cheaper prices on bookings

Online marketplaces have pricing differences depending on the location a user is accessing the website from. In fact, it’s not only online stores, but you can also find cheaper airline tickets and hotel bookings by simply changing your virtual location with a VPN.

As such, if you find yourself traveling frequently for work, a VPN can help you save costs by offering discounts on certain hotels and airlines. Over time, you can end up with significant cost savings by applying this trick, making VPNs hugely beneficial.

Final Thoughts

The online privacy and security landscape is rapidly changing but the need for professionals to guard their data assets remains constant. VPNs can be employed as the first line of defense against online privacy and data security threats, keeping professionals safe from any untoward circumstances from the hands of unscrupulous hackers and scammers.

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