How to Highlight Your Customer Service Skills on Your Resume: 3 Great Options to Try

Customer service representative

If you have worked in the service industry, have experience working with the general public, or know how to provide customer service skills, then you will want to put all that on your resume.

Believe it or not, not too many people have customer service skills such as communication, empathy, patience, and other skills to work with the public and solve their problems. However, your customer service skills can be very hard to highlight on your resume.

In order to show your employers what you can do with your customer service skills, then you need to highlight them on your resume. Here are some of the best ways for you to do that, so that your employers can take your strengths into consideration when hiring you!

1. Use The ‘Skills’ Section Wisely

The Skills section of the resume allows you to show off your skills, both your hard skills and your soft skills, and if you use the section you have wisely, then you can really catch the eye of prospective employers.

Soft customer service skills can be when you solved a problem and handled difficult customers, while hard customer service skills can include how you used technology to take on the problems related to whatever field you were in.

Just make sure to keep everything concise and only include the important parts that will be important to the job you are applying for.

Don’t get too wordy because that can very easily turn your employers off to working with you, and try to put similar items together. One way to see your entire resume in one go is to use the free builder, ResumeBuild, which lets you see if you are getting too wordy and cluttered.

2. Focus On Your Results

Most people say that they have the core customer service skills of empathy, patience, or communication, but not a lot of people can do them effectively. Even fewer can get results whenever it comes to using their customer service skills, and it’s that small group of people who employers are going to focus on the most.

So don’t just say that you have good communication skills or that you used your communication skills during your job. Instead, be sure to talk about what results you got for the company. What targets for the company did you achieve? How did you advance your company’s standing or make them more money?

That is what your employers are looking for because if you could give your old job success and provide some tangible results for them, then your employer will have more confidence that you can provide the same results for them.

Most employers aren’t just looking for an employee who can do the work they need done, but also an employee who can provide a tangible benefit for the company. If you can do that with your customer service skills, say so!

3. Highlight The Customer Service Skills That Benefit Your Position

While you might have a ton of customer service skills, don’t ‘shotgun’ blast your way through writing out every single skill that you have. Instead, look at the position you want to apply for and then see what skills benefit the position.

For example, if you want to be hired as a call center operator, then talk about the times where you listened and got success due to your listening skills, remained calm while dealing with conflict, or persuaded someone to come around with your words.

All of these skills are beneficial to your new job as a call center operator, and employers are going to look for and prioritize those skills over others. While this will mean rewriting your resume a little bit for different jobs, the extra ability to customize will ensure that your employers will notice that you are the perfect fit for the job.

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