How to Go from Problem to Solution at Work… Quit!

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A New Year’s resolution that works: Don’t bring your manager a problem unless it is wrapped in a solution.

Are you one of those people who write a list of traditional New Year’s resolutions that never works?

  • Lose 10 pounds
  • Stop smoking
  • Organize the basement
  • Start to recycle

This year, go crazy and make a change that will rock your world. Quit your job and find a career that makes you happy!

If you complain about your job everyday, most likely you’re the problem, not the company. It is time to re-think your strategy and stop blaming others for your unhappy career.

For most, it is easier to complain about the management of an organization and how it is operating. If you land in this camp, then quit your job, go start your own company and do it better! You may learn a few things: It is harder than you think to keep everyone happy in a company. People need to learn to make themselves happy.

If you tend to complain about the work environment in your organization, then you need to come up with a solution to fix it. In my many years of managing, my motto with the people I work with has always been this: “Don’t bring me a problem unless it is wrapped in a solution.”

Nobody wants to listen to people complain–we all have our own issues to contend with, and quite frankly nobody cares about yours.

What is a manager to do when an employee states there is bad communication in the company? What does that mean and how is the manager supposed to fix the problem? Try to explain what the communication is precisely, and provide an exact solution. If the solution does not work, so be it, at least you tried.

Many people have become the “complaint department” in their own organizations. If it was a real division in the company, you would probably get fired since no real solutions originate from the division. Furthermore, most people run the “complaint” department in their organizations for free, so we don’t even get the benefit of taxing your annoying behavior.

Currently 80% of the United States is unhappy with their respective careers. If you are one of these people you need to leave. Not only are you making yourself unhappy, but you are making the people miserable around you as well.

Additionally, if you work for a company that is nearly impossible to get fired from (like the Federal Government), and take satisfaction knowing that you won’t be fired but complain all day, you are the problem. And, we have a lot of “problems” working in the United States.

People who complain all day long without offering solutions are incompetent. Nobody wants to hire these people and unfortunately we can’t fire them either, once we accidentally let them into our organizations.

Change the way you think this year at work. Become productive and offer solutions or learn how to do something else with yourself in a different location (like in a different state or country). A mind-set is a simple thing to build.

This year a resolution can be made to be a problem solver, not a problem maker. This will make a difference not only in your company but in your personal life as well.

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