How to Get Google Recognize Your Business as a Legitimate Brand


What happens when you type the name of your business in your browser? Does your URL show up in the top results thrown by your browser? If not, it means that Google does not recognize your business as a legitimate brand. You can understand the low level of visibility of your business on the web by this simple fact. Can you hope to get more visitors to your website through Google when it does not recognize the name of your business? Your website is likely to drown in the ocean of websites if it doesn’t carve a unique identity for itself. In this article, we will learn of ways to get Google to recognize your business as a legitimate brand.

Link Building Is The Best Way To Make Google Remember Your Business

The main reason why Google does not return any results when you type the name of your business is that the search engine has not yet indexed the company name. It is only when you type the name of your business in the form of a URL address that Google shows it in the result. You know that your customers or those interested in products and services similar to ones sold by you do not conduct searches by typing URL address. They type the name of the company to learn more about it on Google or any other search engine. This is exactly what the experts at SEOJet believe to make sure Google remembers the name of a business. Link building is a trick that gives Google and other search engines an idea about your business and its nature. Links with authority websites are an indication of the company you keep. The higher the domain authority of links coming to and going out from your website, the more likely Google is to remember your business name.

Register Your Business With Google My Business

Google runs a free service called Google My Business to help business owners in making their company findable for their potential clients. You can register your business on Google My Business and optimize the account to make it easier for your customers to find it on Google. It is a free service, and you don’t have to pay a dime for registering with Google My Business. Once you have completed the process, your customers would see the basic information about your business whenever they conduct a search using the company name. This information includes the following.

  • The name of your business,
  • The address,
  • The work hours
  • Contact information including your mobile number
  • Reviews, if any, left behind by your customers

Google My Business gives you a level playing field as it is available to new and small businesses so that they can compete with popular and established businesses. As you finish setting up your account on Google My Business, it asks you to choose a way to verify the information you have provided. Google uses postcards by mail as its default method of verification of businesses. Once you receive the postcard by mail, log in to your account on Google My Business and enter the 5-digit verification code. You can edit the details any time you so desire if you find any mistakes. It is the same as getting your business registered with the authorities for securing a TIN. Once you have a TIN, authorities can identify your business easily with this number. Similarly, once you have registered your business with Google and got it verified, Google knows that a business by your company’s name and address exists. It also knows many other vital details about your business.

Index Your Business

You need to index your business with Google and other indexing websites. Besides Google, there are many more important indexing websites such as Yelp, Apple, Bing, White Pages, and Yellow Pages. The more you register the name of the company with these indexing websites, the easier it becomes for Google to find your business as it scans the web to return the results. It is like letting people know that you have set up a business and sell some products or services. In an industry, a business is known by the connections it has with other vendors and suppliers. Indexing your business with indexing websites allows Google to know you are a well-established business as other important sources are confirming the fact.

Improve The Quality Of Content On Your Website

One thing that helps in sending organic traffic to your business website is the quality of content you have got. It is the policy of Google to give the most relevant and useful content to people searching for it in their browsers. Google hates stale and copied content and stops picking up your business when the quality of content on it is poor or inferior. Google can smell the content when it is of good quality and useful for your visitors. Make sure that the content is also relevant to your chosen niche if you want Google to recognize your business easily and quickly. Your visitors spend more time on your website if they find the content valuable and useful. Google notices the time spent by visitors on websites and uses this metric to improve the ranking of websites. It tracks the number of pages viewed and how the visitor landed on the website.

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You have to make efforts to keep Google in good humor if you want your potential customers to see your name in their browsers. Backlinking, indexing, content quality, and leveraging social media are some of the most important strategies to compel Google to recognize your business. It is like registering your business with the authorities for taxation purposes. When Google sees that there are inward and outward links attached to your business website, it assumes you must be carrying out legitimate and useful business for the community. In the end, wooing Google and other search engines is in your interest as they send more organic traffic to your website.

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