How to Automate LinkedIn Using Dripify?

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In the past couple of years, LinkedIn has been considered one of the prime platforms for changing the way businesses used to function. From freelancers, big sized companies, entrepreneurs everybody wants to be seen on LinkedIn to ensure that their marketing and sales efforts are worthwhile. But it is not possible for a human to handle all these tedious tasks by themselves.

So, why not make use of automation tools? 

LinkedIn automation tools can handle almost all tedious and mundane tasks. In this article, you will learn more about how to use this Dripify software for generating high-quality leads and its incredible features.

Key features of Dripify

Dripify is an advanced sales automation tool for building message sequences, sending connection requests in bulk, scraping LinkedIn profiles with emails, and importing LinkedIn data. Its autopilot features are capable enough to automate almost all kinds of tasks on LinkedIn with utmost ease.

To understand more about this tool, let’s dive into its features: 

Ease in finding prospects

There is no doubt about how wonderful it is to use LinkedIn to find good quality leads. But with so many activities happening over LinkedIn, it becomes difficult to handle all the tasks. With automation software, you can easily find leads without putting in much work.

Plenty of solutions

Need help while sending mass messages on LinkedIn or boosting your sales? Dripify has everything from its smart inbox feature that allows the user to keep track of all the messages to its analytics section, where one can quickly check out how well their campaign is working. It is the go-to platform for all the issues related to LinkedIn.

Prospecting on LinkedIn

Prospecting is a major step in a sales process, which is about identifying potential customers, otherwise known as prospects. The main objective of prospecting is to develop a systematic strategy of gathering all the relevant data all over LinkedIn and then clubbing it all together.

But going through each profile over LinkedIn is a tiresome process. Dripify solves this issue by automating all the relevant tasks like sending connection requests to the appropriate accounts and timely replying to messages. With this, you can ace the prospecting game and stay ahead of the competitors.

Managing team

Be it small or large, managing a team can be a handful of tasks. Tracking the progress of a project and what contribution each team member has is something that can be taken seriously. With this tool, businesses can manage the team on a single platform. You must log in to the software and fill in all the required details. After finishing up with it, send in invites via email to the respective members. As soon as they accept the invite, the onboarding will begin. Now, manage the contribution that your teammates put into the project.

Autopilot for LinkedIn

It is a time-consuming and tedious task to handle everything over LinkedIn. Using Dripify autopilot feature, you can save yourself from all the trouble. Messaging, sending the request, checking the analytics, everything can be done on this platform with utmost ease. This feature can help you reach your goals in no time.

Endorsement of skills

Without showcasing your skills over LinkedIn, potential clients won’t be able to find you. You can automatically endorse around 7 skills to your LinkedIn contacts. This way, people would be able to find you without any hassle.

Who is Dripify designed for?

You might have a fair idea about what exactly Dripify is and what all its features it has. Let’s see who should definitely make use of this platform:

  • Marketing Agencies
  • Enterprises and Corporations
  • Businesses of different sizes
  • Digital Marketing Agencies
  • Freelancers

How to create a lead generation campaign in Dripify

Before you start using LinkedIn straightaway for lead generation, you should be ready with some predefined steps on how to begin and end the whole process: 

Outreach over LinkedIn

The first step for generating quality leads starts with outreach. Communicating with potential customers is necessary to attract the correct type of audience. Thus, outreach becomes one of the vital tasks.

For this step, one can take the help of the Sales Navigator feature of LinkedIn to find the personal account of potential customers. But you will be required to work on this tool manually, which makes it time-consuming.

With the help of Dripify lead generation tool, you can automatically sweep through hundreds of profiles within seconds. You can even send personalized messages to 2nd and 3rd-degree connections using LinkedIn automation.

Follow up with old leads and customers

Networking is the core of LinkedIn. You will need to make strong bonds, to make full use of LinkedIn. That’s why follow-up becomes the most crucial part. By keeping in touch with the old leads and the new customers, businesses can enjoy a healthy pool of followers around them.

Make sure to be active on LinkedIn

Once businesses have successfully gathered quality leads and started nurturing them, their focus on LinkedIn activities starts to reduce. But businesses should ensure to maintain a healthy and active presence on the platform. The social presence that is of utmost necessity should always be kept on top of the lead generation checklist. With Dripify, businesses can create personalized message sequences with follow-ups, actively engage with the audience, and reply to them within seconds.

With this four-step action plan, you can generate quality leads in no time and get instant results over LinkedIn.

Why do you need to use Dripify?

LinkedIn automation is one of the hottest topics these days. With so many businesses putting in solid efforts each day, the competition gets nearly neck to neck. To stay ahead of them, it becomes necessary to use LinkedIn automation tools.

Frees up some space and time

When you are building up a business, the one thing that you might need is more time. With so many tasks up your sleeve, it becomes difficult to handle them all. This is where automation can help you out. Tracking down the performance of your campaign, sending messages, and all the other tasks that require human intervention can be automated using this tool. Further on, you can divert your core focus onto other tasks in business without worrying about your social media presence.

Ensuring that your profile complies with all the rules

LinkedIn has some strict rules and regulations regarding sending messages and requests over the platform. Be it manually or by using LinkedIn automation tools in both ways, you must stay within the pre-decided limit over LinkedIn. This tool ensures to obey all the regulations and keep your account safe.

Building a Solid Network

LinkedIn is all about forming strong bonds. To expand one’s network using automation tools becomes vital. Dripify automation tool ensures to take your efforts a tad bit up and create a loyal customer base for you.

Selective Targeting

With millions of accounts floating through LinkedIn, it becomes difficult to filter out which will benefit your business and which will not. Automation software targets all the accounts that can help you and your business grow tremendously. Manually working around the accounts can be tiring; that’s why using automation tools is needed.


The above Dripify review has answered almost all the questions revolving around the working and all the features. No matter what kind of business one owns, creating a social media presence is vital.

With Dripify by your side, most worries regarding optimizing the profile and automating the tasks remain at bay. Those willing to spend thousands of dollars on building a foolproof strategy must include automation tools to achieve their goals in no time.

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