How Technology Can Help You Improve Your Company’s Customer Service

Call Center Technology

We’re all aware the customer service is probably the critical issue when it comes to loyalty and retention, which allow a business to flourish. Not only do the vast majority of companies underestimate the importance of quality customer care, but they also hesitate to start integrating technology into it.

Although merging technology with a company’s flow is a relatively costly affair, if done rightly, it will benefit the business by taking the load off employees, and the customers by providing quick assistance when possible. Modern tech can be an intriguing new solution to being able to connect with your clientèle on a deeper, more meaningful level.

Communicate Via New Technologies

Probably among the most critical aspects of providing your clients with high-quality care is ensuring multiple communication channels. Modern technology allows us to assist them via live chat, which is an essential medium for the vast majority of people. Three-quarters of users would prefer contacting support in a live chat environment, rather than calling customer care.

Do You Know What They Want?

Regarding customer interaction, it should be every business’s goal to achieve high customer loyalty. And there aren’t too many ways to accomplish that but by accommodating your clients better. In order to do that, it’s essential to optimize your interactions by tapping into the latest technology.

Study your analytics. Leverage the data you’ve gathered about your users to understand better how to meet their needs and expectations. Data-centric marketing. Collecting insight about your customers’ behavior online will provide you with ideas on how to target your customers better, to ensure more cost-effective campaigns.

Automation. By automatizing your marketing processes, you’ll be able to increase your revenue and increase your average deal size, due to increased customer satisfaction.

Be Empathic

Probably one of the most frustrating things a customer can experience is not being appropriately understood when asking for assistance.

A disinterested customer care agent is a hazard to any company. It’s essential that we try to improve the way we interact with our customers. By ensuring that each customer will be greeted by an empathic agent will increase customer service quality and eventually customer loyalty. In order to be able to provide a comfortable medium of communication with your clientèle, you must make sure that they can be assisted by any means necessary, from SMS to social media and beyond.

Self-Reliant Customers

It’s pretty common that people don’t feel very comfortable asking for help, but that should not be a reason to ignore them altogether. It’s vital that you try to create the necessary infrastructure for customers to find the help they need without having to interact with support reps.

Many companies have collected the popular questions they received from customers and answered those in a separate FAQ section on their websites. If you are not comfortable with the wording, use another term. Trust My Paper has a Questions section for this purpose.

There is a body of research that suggests that three-quarters of customers want to be able to solve their issues individually, without having to rely on other people. Furthermore, over sixty percent of respondents state that they like when a company provides them with the necessary information, to allow them to sort issues out independently.

Recommendation Algorithms

Recommendation engines have now become one of the essential tools of a self-reliant customer. These engines are pretty much advanced filters that provide users with valuable content based on their queries.

The recommendations that your customers will receive can be general and aggregated, or highly calibrated data that contains suggestions of how to solve a very narrow issue. In case you’re looking to combine your content marketing efforts and increase customer service quality, it’s essential that you generate content that is of utmost relevance and program the recommendation engine to suggest valuable information based on prior customer queries.

Not only will this enforce customer self-reliance, but it will also decrease the load on your customer support staff.

Customer Distress Index

Technology allows you to keep an eye on customer satisfaction in real-time. There are now programs that will enable you to gauge the Customer Distress Index (CDI), which is designed to provide you with accurate information on content your customers are with the service that they receive. This sophisticated scoring algorithm will let you better understand which customers are at risk of quitting using your service due to dissatisfaction.

This data will ensure that you address critical issues and concentrate on the important stuff. By applying this data correctly, you’ll be able to considerably boost customer retention rates, along with customer loyalty, since a customer doesn’t necessarily become loyal when they aren’t confronted by any issues related to your service but on the contrary. You convert regular clients into loyal ones by being able to provide them with professional assistance when it is needed the most.


Surveys are a more straightforward, yet very efficient tool to research and collect insight about how your customers feel about certain aspects of a service. This is a chance to obtain more detailed information about your users’ experiences with your product.

A well-executed survey can tell you about:

  • The problems your products have, but you failed to deal with
  • Ways to make a client’s experience with the product better
  • Problems your current clients had with similar services in the past

There are many ways technology can increase the quality of the customer care companies offer. Not only that, but it can also act as a tool to increase customer loyalty. By using software that helps you calculate the Customer Distress Index, you’ll be able to identify the customers that are at risk of migrating to a different service provider.

What’s also important is that by implementing technology correctly, you’ll be able to significantly decrease the load off your customer support agent, which will allow you to provide the customers that are calling in with better service.

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