Email Etiquette for Effective Customer Service

Wome writing email to client

You simply cannot succeed in a business without excellent customer service. All aspects of customer service should project a professional image of your company.

This is even more important when communicating with customers through email. A professionally crafted customer service email will create a positive impression with the customers.

Below we will reveal to you 6 effective email etiquettes that create a positive impression with customers.

Avoid Sending Unnecessary Emails

The most important customer service email etiquette is to avoid sending too many emails to your customers. Email is a cheap and effective communication channel to inform, update, and offer promotions, discounts, and new offers to your clients. Still, you should avoid bombarding your customers with too many emails. The customers will treat those emails as spam creating a negative impression of your firm.

Maintain a Professional Tone

Customer service staff should maintain a professional tone when responding to the customers through email. It’s also a good idea to get some help to improve your work. For instance, to learn to write professionally, it can be useful to get secondary help, such as from a tutor or at this best essay writing service EssayPro. This kind of company can help you perfect your writing and teach you technical skills.

When communicating with customers, the tone should be formal and professional. Informal or over-personal tone does not create a positive impression of your company. When addressing the customer do not write “John” or “Dear John”. It is more professional to address the client as “Dear Mr. Smith” or “Dear Mr. John Smith”.

Maintain Tact in Dealing with Angry Emails

Customer service representatives should maintain tact when replying to angry emails. Replying in an angry tone to such emails will further exacerbate the problem. The best course of action is to maintain discretion in replying to such emails. The words used in the response be carefully worded to avoid a negative or accusing tone. Remember, the angry emails are written due to frustration felt by the customer. The task of customer service personal should be to cool down the customer by resolving his or her issues in a calm and professional manner. Things do go wrong, but it’s good to know there’s a chance to improve in every mistake.

Promptly Respond to Customers

Another important customer service email etiquette is to quickly respond to questions and complaints.  Delayed response to the emails can turn away potential customers. It also creates a negative vibe with existing customers who may switch over to your competitors.

Therefore, the customer service team should make a habit of promptly answering every email that arrives in the inbox. The customer service staff should wait not more than 1 day in replying to the customer. They need to make a list of all the questions, complaints, and concerns of the customers and then take steps to address them after consulting with the required customer service personal.

Create your own Style

No one wants to read an email wrtten by a robot. Take a look at wrtten pieces by other authors and read to learn. This will help you try out different styles and be a well-rounded communicator.

Carefully Proofread Emails Before Sending

It is important to proofread all emails for spelling, grammar rules and tone before sending to the customer. If the email contains grammatical or spelling mistakes, it will not leave a positive impression with the customer.

End on a Positive Note

The emails should always end on a positive note. Thank the customer for availing your services or purchasing your products. If the email is in reply to a complaint, the customer should be assured that the mistake will not be repeated.

Finally, remind yourself that anyone can acquire good communication skills. Everyone can aquire the skill of professional email writing. Success is something achieved, so don’t give up!

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