How Improved Customer Education Helped Nintex Drive 153% Higher Annual Recurring Revenue

Customer training session

Nintex is the global leader for process management and automation. More than 8,000 public and private sector companies across 90 countries turn to the Nintex Platform to quickly and easily manage, automate, and optimize their business processes and accelerate their digital transformation. For Nintex, customer training is critical for decreasing the amount of time it takes for customers to get up-and-running with Nintex’s platform.

Customer training also helps the company reduce support costs, and increase revenue, while partner training ensures that global partners are well-equipped to sell the Nintex Platform.

Nintex recently partnered with Skilljar to build a customer and partner education program that helped drive product onboarding for customers, partners, and internal teams. This program significantly decreased “how-to” support tickets and uncovered a direct relationship between revenue and training for the company.

Six Core Goals for Customer and Partner Education

Prior to partnering with Skilljar, Nintex did not have a standard curriculum for customers and partners, and their students were not well-prepared for the Nintex certification process. In addition, Nintex customers and partners around the world were often unable to find training when they needed it.

Nintex worked with Skilljar to identify the following six core goals for their customer education program:

  • Decrease the amount of time between onboarding and workflow creation for customers;
  • Streamline customer, partner, and internal training;
  • Deepen product usage;
  • Reduce support tickets;
  • Increase partner certifications; and
  • Increase revenue and forecast accuracy.

Developing Nintex Learning Central

To address these needs, the company created Nintex Learning Central. Nintex Learning Central offers on-demand content and self-service portals for the company’s global user base. To ensure that customers, partners, and internal employees each received content and resources tailored to their specific needs, Nintex created three distinct domains, one for each group.

Nintex creates content through a well-defined process that begins with subject matter experts defining the learning objectives and building a course outline. With the approval of key stakeholders, courses are built using Articulate 360 and then undergo a final round of reviews before going live.

Nintex Learning Central is a single-sign-on (SSO)-protected training platform with built-in Salesforce integration. The integration with Salesforce was a particularly important component for Nintex as it enables the company to merge its training data with its CRM database to uncover relationships between education, revenue, and renewals.

Delivering Increased Revenue and Lower Support Costs

With the new training platform in place, Nintex has seen notable successes across each of its six goals above. Most notable have been a significant decrease in repetitive support tickets, and uncovering the relationships between revenue and training that are truly noteworthy.

On customer accounts that have engaged in five or more training activities, Nintex has seen more than a 30 percent reduction in support cases. For customers engaged in training, Nintex has seen 150+ percent higher annual recurring revenue when compared with customers who have not partaken of the educational resources.

The Road Ahead

By building and formalizing a learning curriculum that’s customized by audience, Nintex has provided customers with an accessible, relevant library of resources to drive engagement with its technology. And the Nintex team is far from done. Based on customer requests, Nintex is now in the process of building new, instructor-led offerings comprising of both live and virtual classes. The future of Nintex Learning Central is bright!

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