Brazilian Healthtech TNH Health Develops AI-Powered Chatbot for Mental Health

User on phone with chatbot

A quick look at the internet and you’ll see chatbots are trending right now. These AI-powered apps are making great strides in providing solutions for enhancing the customer experience.

One such chatbot solution is being developed for the healthcare market by a company called TNH Health. And investors are showing interest; Valor Capital Group has just led a Series A funding round in the healthtech start-up worth US$2 million.

It’s reported the capital will be used for further marketing of the chatbot and possible expansion into the U.S. It will also allow the chatbot to developed to support chronic illnesses and pregnancy.

TNH Health’s chatbot, Vitalk ‘chats’ with users about their health concerns, including the growing number of mental health issues. For ease of access, the chats take place on WhatsApp, web, SMS, Android and Facebook Messenger as well as iOS channels. The bot also has a more personal nickname—Viki.

Users of the chatbot can get help on range of mental health issues including anxiety, stress and depression. This is made possible by the team of psychologists, doctors, nurses, data scientists, and designers that created the platform. The ease of being able to reach out for help immediately is akin to that of the best medical alert system. These types of devices and opportunities help patients feel more empowered when it comes to their overall health and safety.

The tool is not a replacement for a qualified therapist but is designed to supplement medical support for users. TNH Health’s platform aims to provide an additional level of support to help stop issues developing further.

Michael Kapps CEO TNH HealthCEO Michael Kapps said: “Vitalk is not a replacement for a medical appointment, nor therapy, and it is certainly not a diagnosis, but it is a great way of resolving day-to-day health and wellness issues to prevent problems down the line.”

“It is impossible to address the gaps in primary care and mental health in Brazil without applying technologies like artificial intelligence.”

TNH Health is not alone in this quest. According to Liga Ventures, there are more than 250 Brazilian start-ups working on healthcare solutions. Bearing in mind the healthcare industry in Brazil is worth more than US$42 billion annually, analysts say the market is ripe for disruption.

Also considering US$18 billion is thought to be wasted on inefficiencies such as bureaucracy, start-ups like TNH Health will play a big part in shaping the industry’s future.

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