How E-Signatures Improve Customer Experience

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You’ve probably heard about electronic signatures and are wondering if and how they can help your company’s bottom line.

Electronic signatures are widely used in signing business transactions, including disclosures, contracts, invoices, and more. Professionals, like doctors and lawyers, also use e-signatures when doing paperwork with their clients.

Electronic signatures or e-signatures are becoming popular nowadays. The advancement of digital technology makes the signing of documents faster and easier than in the past when everything was paper-and-pen based.

E-signatures enable people to sign documents digitally or electronically using a special pen and a computer device, like a smartphone or tablet. Nevertheless, understanding how this technology can be used to serve your customers better is crucial if you want to increase your sales and revenues.

In this article, you’ll learn how e-signatures can improve customer experience and how they can help you make a well-informed decision before using this technology.

Expedite Document Signing And Approval

E-signatures make document signing quicker. In the past, people needed to mail or deliver a document from one location to another for signing. With this technology, signers must affix an electronic signature on the digital document and send it back to the other party through email.

Since e-signatures expedite document signing, businesses can now provide better services and experiences to their customers. For example, a lawyer can ask his client to fill in and sign a legal form even if they’re miles away.

Meanwhile, doctors can also use e-signatures to provide online prescriptions and affix their signatures for validation. Moreover, real estate agents can ask buyers and sellers to sign property disclosures or purchase agreements when both parties are abroad.

Significantly, the remote signing of digital files can help customers save time, effort, and money. Customers can sign digital documents even if they’re at work, on an out-of-country vacation, or on a business trip. They don’t have to commute, travel, or drive to the office to sign a pile of paperwork.

In addition, customers can obtain quick responses and approvals for loans, contracts, and other legal and business-related transactions using this technology. Consequently, signers don’t have to wait days or weeks to process their documents.

Provide Peace Of Mind

E-signatures are valid and accepted in the United States, carrying equal legal status as a paper-based handwritten signature. In many countries, e-signatures have the same legal weight as paper documents and handwritten signatures. Therefore, customers can have peace of mind when they sign legal documents and other paperwork digitally.

While some people still have doubts and hesitations about using electronic signatures, general consumers accept and embrace this technology. Taking due diligence to educate consumers is the key to bringing more benefits to businesses.

Hence, businesses wanting to shift from paper-based handwritten signatures to digital signatures must be ready to assist their customers in understanding how the technology works. That way, businesses can retain customer trust and loyalty and boost their image. Furthermore, customers will perceive businesses that adopt e-signatures as great innovators and technology advocates.

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Offer Digital Storage Protection 

Because electronic signatures involve digital documentation, there’s a significantly lesser chance of document misplacement and loss. When a customer electronically signs a digital document, the signer’s private key creates a valid and authentic e-signature. The private key bears a mathematical algorithm that creates and encrypts data to match the e-signed document.

On the other hand, one of the latest e-signature advancements is cloud signature, which makes electronic signatures more secure. Cloud signatures refer to remote digital signatures in which the digital certificate is securely stored in the cloud. Parties no longer need to use a smartcard reader or a USB key because this technology enables signers to affix their electronic signatures to any device.

Make Customers More Tech-Savvy

Most people want to learn new things and embrace innovation and technology. Signing documents through e-signature can help customers embrace change and technology. Hence, they feel tech-savvy and belong to the modern digital age.

And because general consumers are getting younger, Gen Zs and millennials are more open to embracing electronic signatures. Being able to sign documents electronically means a huge convenience on their part.

With e-signatures, customers can sign digital files using their smartphones, tablets, and other computer devices. Meanwhile, many young consumers highly regard businesses adopting e-signatures, making them technology frontiers.


If you’re a business owner, it’s high time to embrace e-signature technology because it can tremendously help improve customer experience. Using e-signatures is fast, reliable, secure, and flexible. Hence, this technology can help you attain your business goals faster. Moreover, choosing a trusted e-signature platform can give you and your customers peace of mind.

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