How Customers Can Check if Brands Are Against Animal Testing

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The manufacturing sector uses various methods to test if their products will be fit for use by humans. One of the methods is using animals to test products before they begin mass production and delivery into the market.  More and more people now find this unacceptable and will only buy from cruelty-free companies.

Why is cruelty-free important? 

There were days when using animals to test products was accepted by some customers but today, more people have become aware the levels of cruelty the animals go through.

Cruelty-free is important because it reduces animal suffering and attracts customers who care about animals.

What are cruelty-free alternatives?

Manufacturers can use available technologies to develop safe products for use by human beings without testing on animals.

Some of the alternatives to animal testing are the use of computer models, volunteer testing, and artificial skins. Computers are another important alternative. AI and machine learning can be used to predict the way a product will react to the human body.

How can companies show they against animal testing?

There are many ways that your company can show that it is against cruelty but one of the ways is to write articles and blog posts about animals and animal rights. If you have not written about animal rights before, it might be hard for you to get inspiration. The good news is many authors have written and published a lot of literature on this subject before and you can read the materials to get ideas. You can read these animal testing essay examples on EduZaurus which were written by people in this field. You can use them to get more information on the subject before you start writing.

How can a customer check if a product is cruelty-free?

Various groups of individuals and organizations have been lobbying vigorously for cruelty-free products. Their efforts have borne fruit and manufacturers are taking to the alternatives. The following methods will help you know if a product is cruelty-free.

Check the cruelty-free logo

One of the most direct and simple ways to know if a product is cruelty-free is to check the cruelty-free logo. It is the logo manufacturers put on the product’s packaging if the product has been certified as cruelty-free. It’s usually printed at the back of the packaging. Check it’s from the official cruelty-free organization.

Search online

Search the company website of the product manufacturer and look for the cruelty-free bunny logo. You may also search websites that list cruelty-certified companies. The certifying bodies also have a list of companies they have certified.

Ask around

It is easy to ask friends, colleagues, or relatives if a certain product is cruelty-free. If they don’t have answers, find out from people such as animal rights groups, lobbyists, bloggers, magazine publishers, etc.

More you can do

As mentioned, you can create many topics about animals and write informative essays to educate customers on the subject.

Try to be creative by finding new topics instead of dwelling too much on topics that have been used before. If you need some information to help you get started, read these college essay on animal testing for reference on WritingBros and you will gather a lot of ideas. Most of the topics there have been created by students and for students.

Where to find cruelty free products

Cruelty-free products are available in multiple places. The major stores will have cruelty-free products in stock. Beauty products sellers will have the products and most online stores. You may walk into stores and physically check the products. You may also search online for cruelty-free products and place your order.

For many years, manufacturers have been using animals to test products such as cosmetics and medicine and the animals suffered a lot. Society is more enlightened today and most consumers are rejecting products that are not cruelty-free. You can know cruelty-free products by checking for the bunny logo at the back of the packaging. You can also help spread the word by writing articles for your company, once it has become a cruelty-free supplier.

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