How Can a Lawyer Help You After an Auto Accident?

Car accident lawyer with client

If you find yourself in an auto accident, one of the best decisions you can make for yourself is hiring a personal injury lawyer. Residents of Indiana for example can contact this Indiana car accident lawyer. Whether you caused the accident or you were in a hit and run, your accident attorney can help you in the compensation process. He can assist you to know how much compensation is owed to you and deal with insurance companies on your behalf. The following are some other ways a personal injury lawyer can help you.

Investigate the accident

A good lawyer will take the time to get the facts of the accident so that everything is clear. While the cause of the accident may seem evident, and it is easy to tell who was in the wrong, some new information may come up in the investigation. He will check the facts of the case, the factors contributing to the accident, such as distracted driving or lack of road signs. The lawyer will get an expert to ensure that you know everything concerning the accident.

Deal with adjusters

Dealing with insurance adjusters on your own can be an intimidating process when you don’t know the law. Any information you give them can be used against you and may affect the outcome of the case. This is why your lawyer should take the lead when negotiating with the insurance company. They will ensure that they provide the insurance adjusters with the correct information and that it is understood.

Collecting evidence of damages

If another driver is at fault for the car accident, it is essential to give clear information about the damages. Your personal injury lawyer will collect all the documents relating to your injuries and damages. Getting these documents on your own can be a hassle since hospitals are usually busy and may not have the time to respond to your inquiries. Each hospital usually has a procedure to request injury papers that your lawyer will know about, so they will be in a better position to request them.

Dealing with lien insurer

Usually, a lienholder may get paid before you in any settlement that you get. If you are to deal with the lien insurer yourself, they may get the lienholder more compensation than you. However, your lawyer has the knowledge to negotiate with these insurance companies to lessen the lien to your benefit. This means that you will get higher compensation than if you were to negotiate this yourself.

Knowledge of the law

Sometimes, the case may go to court after a car accident, and you need an experienced attorney to represent you. An experienced personal injury lawyer can argue your case adequately to get the best compensation. If your state has a statute of limitation for when you can file your suit, a good lawyer will know and advise you on it. Your representative will also help you understand if your state has any shared fault laws that may affect the case outcome.

Respond to communications

If you were involved in a car accident and sustained severe injuries, then you will be unable to handle your case for a long time. Hiring a lawyer is essential so he can stay on top of your situation for as long as you are incapacitated. Personal injuries cases usually have deadlines that should be adhered to strictly. Your attorney will help ensure that any communication is attended to and that he provides the necessary information.

Regardless of the type of accident, you have been involved in, hiring a lawyer such as this personal injury law firm in Indiana is the best decision you can make. Your lawyer will take care of everything concerning your case, so you don’t have to. In addition, if you are awarded compensation for your injuries and damages, they will ensure that you get a fair settlement.

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