How A History In Customer Service Will Support You In Becoming An Entrepreneur

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Businesses that focus their attention on providing exceptional customer service have revenues up to 8% higher than those that don’t.

In fact, customer service is so important to consumers that 25% are prepared to pay an extra 10% for it, according to Forbes. As a customer service connoisseur with years of experience, you’ll know what customers want and it’s this that makes you the ideal candidate to become an entrepreneur. Here’s how to utilize your customer service knowledge so that you can become an entrepreneurial success.

A personalized experience 

As your business gets off the ground you’ll gradually increase the number of customers you have to hundreds if not thousands. It’s important that you treat every single customer as an individual in order to retain them. 71% of consumers say they want businesses to give them personalized interactions. You’re sure to have encountered this in your previous career with things such as letters and email correspondence. Customers should be addressed by name rather than via a standard greeting, such as ‘Dear Customer’. You’ll also know the irritation caused when a customer contacts a business and the representative has no idea why they’re calling. You can prevent problems like this by implementing a phone system that doesn’t allow call handlers to log off or move onto another task without submitting thorough notes. Staff training is also important. Teach staff to use a customer’s file to identify why they’re calling so they can deal with the call straight away.

Transparent information 

 73% of consumers say that they’d pay more for transparent products. Transparency is also important for customer retention, with 75% saying they’d stick with a transparent brand even after a bad experience. Having already worked in customer service you’ll know that giving customers false information about the business and its products is a big no-no and is a surefire way to receive a complaint and lose a customer. When you start up your own business, one of the most important things to be transparent about is your years of customer service experience. Consumers will want to know about the highs and lows and what you’ve learned in the past. This will show you’re open, honest, and trustworthy.

Fully compliant

Being compliant goes hand in hand with transparency. Two-thirds of customers have concerns about how their data is handled. Following data privacy laws is therefore something that you must do. Thankfully, your working history will have already given you a lot of knowledge in this field, and much more than the average person off the street. You’ll probably start your business as a limited liability company (LLC). Internal requirements aren’t as strict as they are for corporations, but you’ll need to ensure you’ve got everything in order. A  third-party company can help with this. This Legalzoom LLC formation review explains how the process works, including the filing of papers and financial account authorization letters. It can all happen in as little as 15 days so the process is swift and it’s easy to get your business up and running.

To feel important 

McKinsey reports that consumers are spending more now than they did two years ago. Customers aren’t afraid to switch brands and retailers if they’re not satisfied with the customer service though. You may have previously worked in a customer service role that involved responding to customers’ queries within 5 working days. You’ll know that this is not something that makes customers happy. It’s also bad for business as it leads to excess communications, bad reviews, and a poor reputation. Studies have found that around 80% of consumers expect a response in 24 hours. 35% even want a response to their query within an hour. Use your past experiences and knowledge to pledge to do everything within your power to make your customers feel valued and important as you launch your own business.

Exceptional service

Targets are common in a lot of customer service roles. For example, call center staff are often encouraged to end calls as quickly as possible so they can take the next one. While this may make the company’s call stats look impressive, if you delve deeper, you’ll see they have many disappointed customers. Call center agents often say this is one of the biggest pet peeves of the job as they don’t get the chance to provide the customer service they want. You’re sure to have plenty of experience in this area and will know how frustrating this situation can be. Scrapping targets and focusing on customer service will really make your business stand out from the crowd. Plus, it will entice more consumers to use your services as they know they’ll be given all the time they need.

With years of customer service experience under your belt, you’re the best candidate to become an entrepreneur. You’ll have seen so many things in your past and you’ll know exactly what does and doesn’t work when it comes to keeping customers happy.

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