Home Deliveries Optimized for the Holiday Season

Paragon HDS Software helps meet customers demands.


As more and more customers demand convenient delivery time slots, Paragon ‘HDS’ software is allowing shoppers to choose a delivery slot to suit them.

Many of the UK’s high street retailers, including some well-known names in the electronics, catalogue and home furnishings sectors, will be busy planning their home delivery operations using Paragon’s standard routing and scheduling optimisation tools. Paragon estimates that thousands of orders must be passing through its systems every day at this busy time of year.

Other companies will be working to critical delivery windows using Paragon HDS, the company’s advanced home delivery system. Clients using this system cover a wide range of sectors, including retail, parcels, third party logistics, pharmaceutical and DIY.

Paragon HDS integrates home delivery order management with live route optimisation enabling retailers, home shopping companies and others providing door to door deliveries to improve their customer service.

It helps companies manage their home delivery operations, enabling them to offer customers a choice of delivery options that are viable and cost effective. The software also reduces the cost of offering a premium service with narrower delivery windows.

“Paragon HDS addresses the conflict between customer service and transport efficiency that is as pronounced as ever in today’s growing home delivery sector,” says William Salter, Paragon’s Managing Director. “By integrating order management with route optimisation and delivery scheduling, it enables companies to streamline their home delivery or field service operations, significantly improving customer service at the same time as controlling costs, increasing fleet utilisation and cutting carbon emissions.”

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