5 Powerful Tools for Social Media Customer Service

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Social media has become an essential part of our everyday lives. This is the reason why businesses and brands strive for building a strong social media presence to retain customers, attract new ones, boost sales, and improve brand recognition.

Social media channels have been actively used for diverse marketing activities, but nowadays, the time has come for effective social customer service as well.

More and more people use social media to leave feedback about their interactions with companies and services, contact brands directly, and ask questions. Thus, it’s of paramount importance to respond to such queries fast to make sure all customers’ needs are met, and the brand image is maintained.

If you think that social media have nothing to do with customer service, take a look at these statistics:

  •   65% of 18-34 years old consider social media as the most effective way for customer support.
  •   71% of customers with a positive customer service experience would recommend a company/brand/service to their friends and family.
  •   67% of users contact brands/companies/services through social media channels to get answers to their questions and resolve issues.

Whether you want to create a social media app, upgrade an eCommerce platform, or launch innovative products, customer service is a vital part of any successful business.

5 Tools for Effective Social Media Customer Service

You will be surprised to know that 80% of companies believe they deliver the best social media customer service, and only 8% of their clients think the same. Thus, you need to be aware of the best tools that will help you to develop or improve your customer service and maintain it on the highest level.

Here are the five most powerful tools that will help you to provide outstanding customer service through different social media platforms.


Rignite is an outstanding service for social media customer service management tool that allows you to monitor activities through all social media platforms. With the help of Rignite, you will see a notification in your feed each time a user interacts with your company on social media. Therefore, it is easy to check what people think of your brand and address potential issues fast.

In case an issue occurs, you can assign it to an individual team member. Thus, no problem will be missed, and you will take your customer service to a whole new level. The communication process has never been easier as you can respond from Rignite directly.

As a pleasant bonus, this tool allows you to schedule posts, launch an effective marketing campaign, and track its effectiveness through the analytical tool.


Sparkcentral is another great tool explicitly designated to deal with client issues and enhance customer support easily. All user messages sent from any social media account will be gathered in one feed. Then, they will be automatically redirected to the available customer service representative, and he or she will answer and resolve the case. No requests and messages will be missed with this helpful tool.

Sparkcentral allows for customer service to be more personalized with a conversation history available. You can check it to provide the most accurate answers and impress clients with outstanding service performance.

In case you need your team to pay extra attention to certain high-value clients, you can mark customers by adding VIP tags to their accounts. Thus, support team members can recognize them easily.


AgoraPulse has come up with an amazing tool for the ultimate social media customer service experience. From now on, you will be able to provide excellent customer support through all your social media accounts with one single tool.

You can gain trust and tie long-lasting relationships with clients thanks to a fast-responsive support team. With this outstanding tool, missing a customer’s message won’t be even possible. You can easily monitor your inbox and see labeled messages that haven’t been answered yet. Also, you can check out all comments on your Facebook and Instagram ads.

With AgoraPulse, it is possible to make responses even more personalized. This tool will show you the profile details of each customer who left a comment or message on one of the social media platforms. If a person has already reached your company before, you will see a conversation history. For your support team’s convenience, you can leave internal notes attached to these social media conversations to help members understand customers’ needs and actions taken better.


For improving your brand image and deliver the highest quality customer service, it’s important to monitor what other people write about your company. With the Mention tool, you can easily find and monitor all mentions about your brand on different social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter as well as e-commerce giants like Amazon.

For an international company, there is an exceptional feature to search for comments and reviews in 40+ different languages. The tool looks for brand mentions that have been posted on social media in real-time, so your team can respond to the messages or address potential issues quickly.

To measure your company’s performance and recognition, you can check out Mention statistics to see the percentage of positive and negative reviews. Moreover, this tool allows checking out competitors’ performances as well.

Social Studio

Social Studio is a great tool created by Salesforce to monitor your social media accounts, analyze comments, and timely identify and resolve potential client issues. With Social Studio, you can get a full overview of all your accounts to see the opinion of your customers.

With this tool, you can also see the ratio of positive and negative comments regarding your brand and the main keywords people use in their post to describe your company. This outstanding feature allows identifying negative comments and addressing them as quickly and effectively as possible.

Moreover, you can mark important cases with a flag “need assistance” to provide extra attention to your customer and help to turn his or her negative experience into a positive one.

Final Remarks

As you can see, social media is a great way to put your best foot forward. Moreover, good social media customer service is as vital as the quality of products or services you provide. With the help of the tools mentioned above, you can take your social customer service to a new level and deliver a remarkable customer experience.

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