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CSR in live chat with customer

Have you ever been in a live chat with a customer wishing you could show them what you’re trying to explain?

Worse yet, you’re in a chat with a customer who’s struggling to explain their issue that would be clear if you could see it. How frustrating for both parties!

They say a picture’s worth a thousand words. That’s why co-browsing, a.k.a collaborative browsing, and file transfer are so effective. They allow you to be on the same page and show instead of just telling.

What exactly are co-browsing and file transfer? And, how will they improve the effectiveness of your live chat interactions with your customers? Let’s take a look.

What is co-browsing?

Co-browsing allows the customer and the service agent to simultaneously browse a website together. The parties are able to interact with one another via video or audio chat. Co-browsing also enables both participants to control what is being viewed securely. Note that neither party can control each other’s device.

What is file transfer?

File transfer, in live chat, is a secure and private way to transfer files between agent and customer as well as from agent to agent. This functionality is quick and easy, allowing you to send or receive photos, documents, or other files to improve communications. Plus, it only takes a few clicks to do so. For security purposes, it’s recommended that you not send or receive .exe files due to the risk of viruses.

What’s so good about these live chat functions?

Co-browsing and file transfer functions, in live chat, have many benefits such as:

Addressing more customer concerns – Some customer concerns are simply easier to address visually. With co-browsing and file transfer you’re able to see the problem or show the customer a solution more quickly and resolve it more efficiently. You can show them where to go on your website, or elsewhere on the internet, as well as view pictures and documents from the customer. This can save lots of back and forth discussion while adding clarity to the situation.

Simplifying the response to all types of questions – Not only do these functions help you address more customer concerns, they make it easier to answer all types of questions. There’s nothing like being able to show someone exactly where to find what they need or how to work through a process. It’s just like being in the same room, no matter how far apart you actually are geographically.

Accelerating the sales process – The ability to address all issues and respond to all customer questions during one session, allows the sales process to advance more quickly. Having all the information they need helps them make an informed purchasing decision in a shorter timeframe. This results in a healthier bottom line. In fact, according to an Aberdeen Group study, “companies using co-browsing enjoy 16.8% annual growth in company revenue, compared to 9.7% by non-users.”

Promoting resolution in one encounter – Addressing all issues and questions more rapidly also means that there’s no need for the customer to request further assistance for the same issue or difficulty. This prevents them from repeating the history of the situation to a different agent or investing more time in achieving resolution.

Increasing agent productivity – Of course, all of these things contribute to increased agent productivity. This includes time efficiency as well as increased average sales per call.

Increasing customer satisfaction and retention – Not only do co-browsing and file transfer produce all these positive results, they also increase customer satisfaction and retention. According to Aberdeen’s study, “co-browsing users are well-positioned to win back clients who weren’t satisfied with their prior interactions with the business.” This same study also indicated that “co-browsing users enjoy far more business generated through satisfied and loyal customers referring their products/services, compared to organizations not using co-browsing tools.”

As you can see, co-browsing and file transfer are valuable capabilities to include in your live chat platform.

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