Redefine Your Call Center with Co-Browsing Software

Agent co-browsing with customer

Customer service principles are timeless, but consumer expectations are certainly not. Customers have always expected effective and efficient service but with today’s technological developments, expectations are even higher.

The adage of “know your customer” is as true today as ever. With the rapid change in customer behavior, businesses need to stay up to date with their customers’ expectations. Call centers bridge customers with the business. So, it is vital to create a digital sphere to deliver a better customer experience.

Major challenges faced by call centers

There are many scenarios where contact center representatives encounter problems that affect the quality of customer service and business suffers as a result.

There are further challenges that can bog down a call center and impact its efficiency and output. Three major problems stand out:

  • Lack of real time communication – Resolving customer issues over the phone end up with many communication gaps. Some issues would need much more real time assistance than just a phone call.
  • Long queue time – Traditional channels such as email and phone can handle one call at a time, making customers wait longer. If the wait time is long customers might give up out of frustration.
  • Multiple interactions – As all customer issues are not seen at the same time by the agent, multiple interactions are initiated by the customer to get the right solution.
Co-browsing process flow

Co-browsing is one of the best ways to deal with the above challenges along with reducing customer service costs and improving overall metrics. Call centers can enable proactive support with co-browsing to their existing channels.

6 ways co-browsing helps call centers

A co-browsing solution helps contact centers with live assistance to handle problems effectively and deliver better service with live customer support software. Below are six different ways which show how co-browsing can help to improve the overall customer experience.

1. Improve First Call Resolution (FCR) rate

First call resolution (FCR) rate is one of the most important call center KPIs that determine customer satisfaction. With changing times, the nature of customer queries is also changing. Customers face complex problems and seek instant resolution for them.

A co-browsing solution is a great way to deliver an undiluted customer experience by addressing customer queries at the first contact. When the problem is resolved at the first touch point, the level of customer satisfaction increases.

How co-browsing helps improve FCR rate

  • Co-browsing helps call center agents to fix customers queries faster by getting a better understanding of the problem by viewing it on screen.
  • Co-browsing exempts the need for multiple contacts by the customer for the same issue and avoiding long queue times or call transfer.

2. Enhance customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is another important call center KPI that measures agent productivity. High customer satisfaction indicates the quality of customer support you provided met customer expectations.

Co-browsing is a catalyst for first-call resolutions instead of keeping customers in a never-ending loop. Being able to deliver faster resolutions to customers wins customer trust and customers stay with you for a longer time.

Metrics that help measure customer satisfaction:

  • Net Promoter Score (NPS) – It helps to measure the customer’s perception of your brand. It measures the overall customer satisfaction and loyalty towards the brand.
  • Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) – It helps to measure customer satisfaction by asking a question like “How satisfied are you with your experience?” There is a survey scale (1 – 3, 1 – 5, or 1 – 10).

You can combine co-browsing with live chat and video chat to empower your call center agents to provide step-wise live assistance and increase customer loyalty.

3. Create a smooth customer experience

Resolving a problem depends on its nature. Through phone, it is not possible to fix all issues and miscommunication can occur. Proactive support such as co-browsing and video chat helps call center agents deliver a seamless customer experience.

On your website, offering a co-browsing solution empowers your call center agents to minimize customer friction by providing better engagement.

How to deliver a great customer experience

  • Analyze the customer journey across various touch points and offer help accordingly.
  • With live assistance tools, deliver interactive and personal customer support.
  • Collect and analyze customer feedback to resolve customer pain points with live assistance.

4. Provide real time assistance across the customer journey

Co-browsing is also one of the best ways to provide real time assistance to your customers to deliver effective solutions in an interactive way. Call center agents can use live engagement tools to share the customer’s browser screen to view the issue and offer an instant resolution.

Here are the major benefits of real time assistance:

  • With a co-browsing tool, you are able to meet call center metrics for a better customer experience.
  • Provide real time solutions in the first go by reducing the number of touch points attempted by customers.
  • Co-browsing helps to get information on the customer’s problem first-hand and delivers a faster solution.
  • Guiding the customers visually make the sessions effective and you gain the customer’s trust.

5. Reduce the number of support tickets

Co-browsing proves to be an effective solution in reducing the number of support tickets raised by customers. Addressing customers with the right solutions can help in reducing the number of touch points initiated by the customers for the same issue.

With a co-browsing tool, you guide your customers through any complex issue by defining a call to action. Temporary screen sharing helps call center reps to offer real time help. Live assistance helps customers in navigating websites, filling forms, applications or completing transactions successfully.

6. Co-browsing for sales lead generation

A co-browsing solution can boost website conversions by as much as 45%. It empowers call center agents to deliver customer support and sales at the right point in time. Agents can guide customers to fix their issues within a shorter queue time frame.

There are 3 main areas where co-browsing fits best for sales and lead generation:

  • Application process – By sharing the browser screen of the customer the call center agents can guide customers in form filling or an application process.
  • Product demos – Product demos can be provided with co-browsing and video chat to help customers in decision making.
  • Online engagement – Call center agents can guide customers when they are stuck and need help across their online journey.

The challenges that call centers face can be significantly reduced by using a co-browsing tool. Implementing a co-browsing solution to your call center can help you create better customer experiences. Finally, co-browsing software allows the agents in your contact center to streamline their approach and carry out strategies to optimize customer satisfaction levels.


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