Free Your Staff from the Front Desk – Make Smart Technology Work for You

Office employees working together

The key to a productive and efficient workforce is finding ways to free up your staff from mundane tasks so they can focus on bigger-picture issues.

This is where smart technology plays an important role. There are plenty of ways you can leverage technology in your organization and free up valuable resources with minimal investment. Making smart technology, including chatbots and smart lockers, work for you is a powerful way to build your brand and your business. You’d be amazed at how much can get done when you leverage the right tools. Here are some of the best options out there.

Treat Your Staff Like People, Not Robots

Your employees are the most valuable resource, treat them as such. The quality of an employee’s work environment can have a huge impact on the way they perform at work and the amount of time spent there. It can also have a direct correlation to how much loyalty they feel towards the company, which in turn impacts their productivity and engagement levels.

Employees want to feel valued, respected, and appreciated for their efforts, not only by their managers but also by management itself through better working conditions for all employees across every department within your workplace. It’s easy to bark orders and expect results but treating people as people and leveraging the technology around you can go a long way.

Implement Automation

Automation allows staff to better utilize their skills and training in other areas. The best uses of automation mean it is complementary to the people doing the work. While automation can replace many tasks, it should never fully replace the personal touch that real people provide. If an employee is a natural problem solver or has an aptitude for writing, they can spend more time using those skills and less time answering questions. The most obvious benefit of automation is freeing up front desk staff’s time so they can work on more important tasks and better connect with the people in front of them.

Implement Smart Lockers

Parcel lockers are an integral part of the daily working life of staff in facilities management, human resources, mailrooms, and security departments. Whats a parcel locker? It’s a locker that can hold anything from letters to documents to packages. Using smart lockers enables more security so that sensitive documents that need signing or packages that need to be picked up can be done without as much direct human touch. This gives front desk workers and other staff more freedom to connect with people and focus on the most important tasks.

In today’s global economy, there is a real need to protect corporate documents from breaches and theft. Smart technology can make them more secure. Smart locks are the perfect solution for protecting your physical assets. They allow you to control access to areas that contain sensitive information by allowing only authorized personnel entry. This can be done via a passcode or biometric recognition system, which eliminates the risk of unauthorized personnel gaining access to your facility’s most valuable assets. Or it can be used to pass documents from one person to the next.

Implement Smart Technology

Leverage smart technology to automate processes that currently involve knowledge workers and free them for more important tasks. This can include implementing automated data entry systems, employee scheduling software solutions, and even AI chatbots.

By relieving your front desk staff of data entry, they can work on bigger and more complex projects or be available to greet customers. Employee scheduling software allows you to automatically assign shifts based on availability and preferences. And AI chatbots with real-time conversational abilities can answer customer service questions and help customers find what they need without requiring human intervention. For more complex needs, your front desk staff is still available to help.


With the right technology, your personnel will be able to focus on more important tasks and use their skills more effectively. They’ll also feel less like they’re being treated like children when using smart locker systems with access panels that are easy to use, which makes them more secure. Additionally, leveraging AI chatbots, automated data entry, and even employee scheduling software can all streamline the work you do and show your staff how much you value them and the efforts they put in for your company.

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