Four CX Trends You Can’t Ignore in 2023

CX Trends 2023

If you want to stay ahead of the curve, it’s important to start thinking about CX trends now. Here, James Dodkins reveals four CX trends that you can’t afford to ignore in 2023.

Companies Will Reprioritize Their Values to Meet Changing Buyer Priorities

Price will drive the majority of buyer decision making. Organisations will need to think more about how they can still drive-up customer service in a way that doesn’t impact the price the customer pays so for example it could be intelligent automation and AI which can help organisations anticipate customer needs and react to those needs in real time to retain customers and give them the best offers.

Hyper Personalization Will Happen in 2023

Personalization will become even more precise. We’re at a stage of customer service maturity particularly with apps that means hyper-personalization is the natural next step in customer service and by that automation will start replacing typical human to human interaction. For example, you arrive at a fast-food drive through, and it recognizes your license plate and brings up your last order. Do you want this again with a 10 percent discount? Just say yes or just touch the ordering device. So really speeding that up and providing a hyper personalized experience.

Companies Will Begin to Accurately Measure Customer Trust

We live in an experience economy where speed, quality, price can be negotiated. For example, having an item get to you more slowly if it doesn’t cost as much or being happy to wait for an item of better quality, all of that’s negotiable. The only non-negotiable right now is trust making it the premium currency in a customer relationship and it’s crucial that a way is found to measure it.

Customer Feedback Surveying Will Stop Being Annoying

People see surveys as a measure of experience, and don’t realize that a survey is an experience itself. Most surveys are annoying and irrelevant and the only way to fix this and increase your response rate is to make surveys fun, contextual, and more personalized. Brands will focus on creating interesting survey experiences for their customers to gain more valuable feedback for continuous improvement.

About the Author

James Dodkins is Customer Service Evangelist at low-code and intelligent automation platform Pegasystems.

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