FM Outsource Launch Cost Reduction Calculator

FM Outsource announced the launch of its new Cost Reduction Calculator this week.

As specialists in creating bespoke customer experience solutions, FM developed the calculator to help businesses evaluate the savings they can make. This shows businesses it is possible to transform their existing call centre into a contact centre that focuses on other customer service channels. FM is passionate about helping businesses offer the best customer experience they can, in the most cost-effective way possible.

Cost Reduction CalculatorThe calculator allows businesses to input how many customer contacts they receive in an average month and what channels their customers use to get in touch. FM’s team of data analysts will then use this information to put together a bespoke report.

This report is designed to give businesses visibility and recommendations on the path to adapting their business and, ultimately, saving costs. This handy calculator can show businesses how to cut down on expensive telephony costs by encouraging movement to other channels, such as social media and webchat. FM can cater for every possibility.

FM’s calculator is designed to show businesses a path that doesn’t sacrifice service quality or customer experience, and, in fact, the real opportunity lies in accepting change. FM ensures that quality doesn’t fall behind just because you’re opening more channels. Your customers will be grateful for the variety available to suit their ever-changing needs.

Try out FM’s calculator if you’re looking for a way to save money or trying to move your traditional customer service into more modern methods of communicating with your customers. Or even if you’re just interested in the road to transformation, you can get a first glimpse of the potential benefits that evolving your call centre could bring.

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Elena Lockett works for FM Outsource, who provide outsourcing solutions for businesses of all sizes across customer services, digital marketing and IT development.

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