Essential CRM Software Every Real Estate Agent Should Use

Customer selecting CRM Software

Using technology to spice up your real agent business is nowadays a necessity. Some of the available tools in the market can give you a competitive edge in your industry. Some will help you save valuable time by speeding up business processes such as lead generation. Others will make it convenient for you to communicate and engage leads and customers.

Here are the top software programs that you can use to give you an edge.


Real estate depends heavily on documentation as the source of information. Carrying documents or sending them to clients can increase lead-time and, consequently, the conversion rate. Also, when the lead time increases, the risk of people changing their minds is imminent. DocuSign allows you to deliver and sign documents electronically. It ensures that time and distance do not prevent the smooth running of a business. Electronic signage is now an acceptable form of business authentication, and DocuSign got your back.


When you are looking for customer relationship management, you have to think of software that brings it all together. The experts at advises you on a professional approach to customer relationships. As you may have noticed, CRM involves some simple and repetitive tasks that make a big difference in your overall customer experience. This program ensures that all those tasks are done on time without fail.

Zillow software

Zillow is one of the leading lead generation software and sites. If you have it with you, you can easily do all your lead generation through the website. You don’t have to confine yourself to one lead generation software. You can check into other programs within the same area to find as many leads as possible. Without leads, your real estate agency business does not stand a chance. When it comes to using such lead generation platforms, specialization is key. Pick one niche area and ensure that you are the best agent in that field in a particular region.


Today’s customer will want to see what he or she is buying. They want to see it in all dimensions. If you have this showing suite, you will have an advantage over your peers. The showing suite creates a professional portfolio of the listings that you want to show to your client. It integrates your showing calendar with pictures and videos of the property.


Paperwork can always slow you down. It can also prevent instant communication and access that you need whenever you are selling property. A Camscanner is an app that allows scanning documents. It will enable you to create a motion video of clean and easy-to-read documents. If you want to share with other players working with you, such as the lawyer or appraiser, it is easy to scan and share the documents.

Real Estate CRM sofware


Preparing marketing documents should not be a hard thing anymore. Canva allows you to create clean and compelling marketing copies. You can use it to make digital marketing resources such as offers, flyers, digital images for your website, banner ads, and other tools.


Social media offers a lot of potential for business. Buffer is a social media management tool that allows you to manage all your social media accounts. Keeping up with all the platforms is not easy. Thanks to Buffer, you can make and share posts across all networks, monitor engagement, and feedback.


If you want area-specific market data for your real estate planning and value proposition, AreaPulse is your best option. It provides you with all the market data; you are sorted. You can make professional market-related reports to your agents, leads, or any other person.

VRX Staging

Staging a house professionally can be expensive, especially when you have to use several themes to attract a more extensive client base. This app can save you a fortune because you can add or remove any item from the house using the app. You can add different themes, add a garden, or even change furniture. You don’t have to worry about those bland colors. This app has your back.

These and many other tools can help your business grow, save costs, and be consistent throughout your business dealings. You can find alternatives to most of the above tools. You have to check for reviews and features before investing in any software. You can use the trial version to ensure that the software does what it promises. Some software programs offer too much functionality to their detriment. Ensure that the app is able so that it gives you a rewarding experience.

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