Dixa Leverages $43 Million Double Acquisition of CX Intelligence and Automation Pioneers, Solvemate and Miuros

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Dixa leverages $43 million double acquisition of CX intelligence and automation pioneers, Solvemate and Miuros, to deliver high-value customer experiences at scale.

  • The acquisitions support Dixa’s long term vision to help brands deliver value-driven experiences for customers and service agents
  • The announcement follows a period of rapid growth in 2021, which included a $105m Series C funding round, an expansion into the US and the $15m acquisition of Elevio
  • To participate in the success of the company, all Dixa employees have, or are offered, equity in Dixa, which will equally apply to all the newly joined employees from Miuros and Solvemate.

Danish customer support innovator Dixa has announced the acquisitions of analytics leader Miuros, and automation pioneer Solvemate. Driven by a need amongst service teams to connect to customers with intelligence, empathy, and the right information, the double acquisition is valued at $43 million and strengthens Dixa’s long-term vision to set a new standard in experience and data-driven conversational customer service, giving brands the toolkit they need to utilize data on a new scale for automation, measurement and analytics.

Dixa is used by consumer-facing and digital-first brands to serve customers across multiple channels, touchpoints and experiences from a single screen including social media, chat, voice and messaging apps, enabling an outstanding experience for both customers and agents. With cross-channel prioritization features, powerful routing capabilities, and flexible integrations, Dixa helps brands across the globe deliver value-driven customer experiences at scale, all from a single platform.

Solvemate builds in a powerful self-service layer into the platform that ensures brands can create a painless customer experience with the power of AI to give instant, personal, reliable answers via any customer-facing channel, or funnel requests to the right agent. Its introduction means users can now handle the end-to-end customer journey in a more intelligent, automated and conversational way, while also improving the agent experience through more seamless bot-to-agent handovers.

Miuros was designed to help brands turn customer data into actionable insights with AI-powered analytics, quality assurance and automation. Its addition to the Dixa platform will allow service leaders to harness the power of this technology and gain a better, more comprehensive understanding of the service function. Underpinned by Dixa’s data-rich foundation, service leaders will be able to make stronger, data-informed decisions, such as spotting and acting upon trends in agent productivity and sentiment.


“To create value-driven experiences, brands need a complete platform that leverages data, AI and machine learning to deliver the right knowledge to customers, support agents and internal teams at the right time,” said Mads Fosselius, CEO and co-founder of Dixa. “In being able to draw on our data-rich foundation and existing knowledge base, Elevio, the addition of Miuros and Solvemate will allow service leaders to leverage data on a new scale for automation, measurement and insights from a single platform, setting an entirely new standard in data-driven customer service.”

Dixa’s acquisition rounds out an impressive service offering that also includes a new, bespoke messaging product that delivers rich messaging across web, mobile, and app environments. Dixa Messenger will launch in March 2022, joining native telephony, email, and social messaging support on Dixa’s platform.

“Dixa Messenger is a powerful new service desk for your brand, allowing customer loving teams to create great experiences wherever your customers are,” says Rob Krassowski, Dixa’s VP of Product, “Solvemate and Miuros allow us to take a more data-driven approach to automation and self-service, plus give service agents the tools that they need to create compelling experiences for customers and real business value for their brands.”

Erik Pfannmöller, CEO & Co-founder from Solvemate added: “Powered by smart conversational AI, Solvemate allows brands to create highly personalized chatbot conversations at scale, guiding customers to find answers when they need them. Reducing the number of common, repetitive requests handled by agents means that service teams can focus their expertise where it matters most: solving the more complex cases which require a human touch. By giving consumers faster solutions and taking away noise for agents, we share Dixa’s ambition to service a multiexperience world for delivering unparalleled customer service.”

Benoit Gagnon, CEO & Co-founder from Miuros said: “Dixa is the only platform that can turn a traditional customer service organization into a value creation team by elevating both the agent and customer experience, and we’re delighted to be joining during such an exciting period. Miuros was designed to bring customer service data to life, creating actionable insights to streamline operations, as well as empowering the whole company to create an outstanding customer experience. By adding Miuros’ analytics capabilities, service leaders will now be able to optimize their operations through AI and obtain actionable insights, without needing to stitch together multiple siloed solutions.”

Solvemate, with a global customer base of over 100 brands such as On, JustPark, Sport24, Holidu and CreditPlus, was founded in 2015 by co-founders Erik Pfannmöller and Jürgen Vogel. Miuros, with a global customer base of over 100 mid-market and enterprise brands, including Deezer, Wise, About You, Freenow and Swapfiets, was founded in 2016 by co-founders Benoit Gagnon, Dr. Ricardo De Aldama and Daniele Alfarone. Solvemate and Miuros will continue to service their current customers across platforms in addition to expanding on existing integrations with Dixa.

Dixa has raised $155 million in funding to date with backing from Notion Capital, Project A Ventures, SEED Capital and recently from General Atlantic. The company has offices in Copenhagen, London, Berlin, Paris, Chicago, Tallinn, Kiev, Tel Aviv and Melbourne.

About Dixa

Dixa is a customer engagement platform that creates value for brands and customers in a conversational, friendly, and engaging way called Customer Friendship™. Established in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2018, Dixa was founded on the principle that there must be a better way to do customer service, one that allowed the creation of value-driven experiences for customers as well as empowered agents to do more than ticketing for the business. In February of 2021, the company acquired the Australian knowledge platform startup, Elevio, to empower agents as well as customers with AI-optimized knowledge base and contextual experiences.

Dixa has expanded globally within the first years since launch and now has offices in Copenhagen, London, Berlin, Paris, Chicago, Tallinn, Kiev, Tel Aviv and Melbourne. The company doubled its revenues YoY, and has raised more than $155 million in funding to date with backing from Notion Capital, Project A Ventures, SEED Capital and recently from General Atlantic.

About Solvemate

Solvemate enables brands to deliver quality customer service through meaningful conversations. Our customer service automation platform is powered by smart conversational AI that allows companies to create chatbot conversations so service teams can focus their expertise where it matters most. The Solvemate Contextual Conversation EngineTM  learns more quickly, integrates more easily and resolves requests faster and more reliably than any other chatbot on the market. Brands benefit from a highly personalized, real-time self-service experience that increases customer satisfaction, reduces costs, and offers actionable customer service insights. Solvemate is trusted by brands such as On, musicMagpie, egym, JustPark, and Berliner Sparkasse.

About Miuros

Miuros leverages the goldmine of data generated by customer service organizations enabling companies to deliver a stellar customer and agent experience.

Our customer service performance platform, powered by a new generation of AI-analytics, automation and quality assurance solutions, drives businesses to streamline their operations, and turn customer service data into actionable insights that create added value for customers and service representatives.

With Miuros, customer service teams are smarter and faster, elevating customer experience excellence.

Companies like Wise, Deezer, Freenow, GetYourGuide or Trade Republic have already trusted Miuros to successfully support them in their path to delivering a first-class customer and agent experience.

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