How Technology Can Improve Customer Satisfaction in Restaurants

Waitress taking order on tablet

If you work in the restaurant industry you know that there’s one thing that matters above all else – customer satisfaction.

Of course the food matters, but this should never slip, and is also a sure-fire way to guarantee good customer satisfaction. A tough industry at the moment, just ask Jamie Oliver, there are many other ways to ensure good customer satisfaction at your restaurant.

While having the ideal restaurant tableware, kitchenware and bar supplies are really important, technology is another way of doing this.


First an foremost, making the table booking system as easy as possible is key. If you have a first come, first serve policy, this could work against you. Therefore, if you have a website, people should be able to pre-book a table this way.

Another way is to get an app, if your chain becomes big enough, so people can book this way. Just remember, people like simplicity and run most of their lives through their phones and the digital sphere. So, if you have this covered, customers will be happy straight away.

App ordering

Speaking of apps, if you have one, you should give customers the option to pre-order food.

Just like Starbucks allow you to pre-order your coffee before you even arrive, you could allow people to do this with their meal. This way, they’ll be able to turn up and their food will be able to be prepared almost straight away.

This kind of system has also been used in certain chains across the UK, where you can order drinks for your table, which is something you should look into too. This will help keep people happy, and staff a little less stressed.

Sale software

Making sure you have all the latest software to take card and contactless payments is a must. If you don’t, you’re already limiting your customer base. Cash isn’t king anymore.

But, aside from this, you could also do it through apps, or iPads/tablets on the table, allowing people to pay when they want. This will also reduce the pressure on staff again, and means people won’t be unhappy waiting to pay so that they can leave.

Social media

Finally, you need a social media presence.

Not only will it allow you to showcase your business, post offers and get your name out there, but you’ll be able to interact with people easily. A lot of people ask questions via these channels, so if you aren’t there, you could potentially lose a lot of custom.

As you can see, from beginning to end, technology is key for any restaurant business today. Not only can it make things easier for you and staff, but keep customers happy from start to finish.

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