Designing the Ultimate Break Room to De-Stress Employees at Work

Rest room

Taking breaks is critical for greater productivity and work quality. To be able to enjoy a proper break, there needs to be a space in the office where employees can unwind and relax. This space needs to be both comfortable and fun, to help staff blow off some steam and de-stress when they’ve been working hard on completing work tasks.

Here are some useful tips on designing the ultimate break room to de-stress employees at work.

Add a Bar for Free Snacks

Offering your employees free snacks is a great way to show them that you appreciate them, and it also makes it easy for them to grab a quick snack in between completing their duties. You can also help them maintain a healthy lifestyle by making sure the snacks you offer them are all healthy. You can have fruits, veggies, different types of nuts, protein bars, and any other types of healthy food.

Allocate an Area for Games

Playing games is one of the best ways to enjoy yourself after a stressful task. Including some board games that urge employees to think and challenge themselves is a highly effective way to boost their work performance and creativity. Word games, for example, are some of the best board games for simulating the mind and boosting creativity.

There are numerous ways workers can play word games. An example of creative word games is to play charades where a person has to act out a word or phrase. To help them play that game, you can make flashcards of different words for them to try to explain their meanings through acting.

Another excellent game is to have a deck of flashcards where each card has a certain challenge that they have to do. For example, you ask them to find mots avec w, or words with the letter w, within a minute. You can also make it a little more difficult by asking for a number of words that they have to find or come up with within a minute or two.

Have Comfortable Seats

Make sure that the break room has comfortable furniture that people can relax while sitting on. It’s quite rewarding to spend a few minutes of a break just sitting on a comfortable chair or couch. This can help them relax their muscles that tense up from work stress.

It’s a great plus if you make sure these comfortable seats are colorful. Having vibrant colored furniture can help boost a person’s mood by just looking at them.

Staff room

Put Books on Shelves

Give your employees a mini library where they can spend a few minutes of reading during their break. They may not all enjoy reading, but the ones that love books will totally appreciate this. You may also encourage them to bring some books they like and keep them on the shelves for their colleagues to read as well.

Each person de-stresses in their own way. This is why it’s amazing to give each group something that they can enjoy. Offering people various activities to do to relax is not just a highly effective way to help people enjoy their work more, but it’s also a token of appreciation, which in turn will make people enjoy doing their job.

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