CX Webinar: Driving Customer Lifetime Value with Effortless Experience

CX is the key to creating customer lifetime value, and your experiences are what sets you apart in this hyper-competitive landscape. So how do we create experiences that keep the customer coming back for more?

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Reuters Events have announced the next free customer service & experience webinar: ‘Driving Customer Lifetime Value with Effortless Experience.’

This webinar will seek to provide insight on ways in which we can nurture customer loyalty through providing effortless experiences. From listening to customer demands & feedback and implementing an effective feedback loop that drives refinement of the customer journey, to optimizing digital experiences that are so often a point of friction for the modern customer.

Taking place September 29th tune in to discover how your organization can transform CX strategy and unlock customer lifetime value:

  • Removing points of friction to create effortless experiences – Consumers are now basing where to spend their money off of who can provide a convenient, effortless experience. In order to beat out the competition we must be able to meet consumer demands for convenient experiences – But how can we achieve them?
  • Optimizing digital experiences – The demand for digital experiences has sky-rocketed, with more consumers than ever utilizing digital channels out of convenience & necessity. However, the rush to participate in digital transformation has often left a lot to be desired. To elevate these experiences, we must continue to refine digital transformation in order to meet customers wherever they are with seamless experiences.
  • Reinventing customer loyalty – A crucial cornerstone of sustainable growth as we move into 2022 is undoubtedly the question of customer loyalty. Today, consumers are quicker than ever to leave a brand after just a single bad experience. So how do we move beyond loyalty programs & added bonuses and create customer life-time value?

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Speakers include:

  • Dr Nicola J. Millard, Principal Innovation Director,  BT
  • Paul Smith, Director Customer Experience & Insight,  NatWest
  • Graham Douglas, SVP of EMEA,  GetFeedback, a company
  • Paolo Fabrizio, Digital Customer Service Consultant,  Customer Service Culture

I hope you can join us!

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