CustVox Launch Free CEM Maturity Assessment Tool

Innovative online tool helps measure CEM maturity.

More often than not ‘freebies’ turn out to be another name for ‘trial period’ – not so with the latest free offering from CustVox.

The innovative Customer Experience Management (CEM) company has launched a completely free to use, CEM Maturity Assessment Tool.

The online tool enables companies to measure their current level of CEM maturity based upon regional and industry norms.

The tool is based on a simple multi-choice questionnaire and gives the user a real-time, graphical representation of his organization’s current CEM position.

CustVoxThe instant, graphical results shown at the end of the questionnaire are just the first aspect of the overall CEM assessment. In addition, a full CEM Maturity Assessment report is delivered, which highlights any changes or enhancements the company needs to make, to assist them to progress on their journey towards CX excellence.

The CEM Maturity Assessment Tool is seeded with industry and regional norms that should fit most types of businesses, working in the majority of markets. This will help the tool to make more intelligent, better informed recommendations in the final, full report.

The full CEM Maturity Assessment Report is based upon the Gartner CEM Maturity Model, and delivers workable recommendations and advice to give companies with a 12-month roadmap towards a higher level of CEM maturity.

Jukka HekanahoJukka Hekanaho, Chief Customer Officer at CustVox, said:

“We are really proud to launch this new CEM Maturity Assessment Tool. Anyone who uses the tool will be rewarded with a massive amount of information about their current level of CEM maturity, as well as some real recommendations and advice on how to improve their CEM position in the coming 12 months.

We have really come up with something incredible with this tool; it’s like having a private one on one consultancy session with a CEM expert.”

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