Providing “C” Level Service Is Easy

Creating “C” Level Customer Service is knowing what the “C”s are and what each means to the Customer.

VP of Customer Service

Defining that Level of Service is hard if you don’t have the Customer Service Dictionary. I thought I would share 5 “Definitions” I have been using.

Caring. 1. to provide for, to look after as in “I’ll take care of that for you” or “Let me take care of that for you.” It is a demonstration of ones willingness to go beyond the definition of the position they are working in. 2. To feel concern about ones feelings or look after ones wishes as in “I can understand how you feel” or “I will make sure that this gets done for you.” 3. To attend to as in “I’ll be happy to provide that service for you.”

Bottom line, you as the Customer Service Representative, the face of your organization, need to practice a caring attitude in order to provide C Level Service. If you don’t, you can start looking for another career “a different profession.”

Create. 1. to bring about, give rise to as in “Creating Memories and Exceeding Expectations.” Every encounter with your Customer is an opportunity to create a memory. The type of memory is up to you, the length of time it is recalled and remembered is up to your Customer. You don’t have any control over that.

Ever had a bad experience someplace? How long has that been in your memory bank? 10 years, longer? Studies show that some memories last 18 years when linked to a bad experience. That’s Eighteen with an E. Which do you prefer?

Just remember that they will talk about you long after you have left the company based on the experience you have created! Good or Bad.

Courtesy. a polite or considerate act, or remark as in saying “Please” and “Thank You” things you learned in Kindergarten! Providing good Customer Service includes being courteous at every opportunity. Notice that the definition also says “act.” That means opening a door, picking up a dropped item, holding something while they look for something else, putting down the cell phone when they are standing in front of you and not answering it if it rings and you are talking with your Customer.

The most important person in any organization is the customer without whom you would not be in business.

Practicing common courtesy will get you to satisfactory levels in Customer Service, C Level Service will require you to act Courteous as well.

Considerate. 1. having regard for others and their feelings as in taking the extra step and spend a few minutes extra getting to know your Customer, ask how they are “feeling” or “doing”, reminding them that you are human being too and that you want to get to know them and their wants and needs a little deeper than “is that all?”

It might mean that you take an extra moment and find out how they are not just what they want.

Customize. 1. to make according to individual specifications as in customizing a C Level Experience for your Customers. You see them, you know them and their expectations.

Why not take the extra step once or twice and really make an impression. For example, you notice that one of your Customers really likes a certain model that you make or has used your service for a few years. Why not add their name in script to the product or print their name on the packing material under the words “To one of our Best Customers.” Handwrite it if you must. You are only limited by your imagination.

Providing C Level Service is not any harder than providing satisfactory level service.

It’s knowing the definitions and how you want to be defined that is the hard part.

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Leonard Buchholz is a Certified Trainer, Speaker and Author. Seminars include subjects like Customer Service, Management and Communications.

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