Creating a Customer Service Culture

In the dynamic world of retail, companies often talk about the importance of customer service excellence. The fast paced, competitive environment is a constant challenge for retail owners. 

Customer service team

It is easy to become reactive rather than maintain a proactive approach that will lead them towards their company’s vision.

Retailers understand the importance of delivering Superior Customer Service that exceeds their competitors. How can retailers ensure that their people strive for a high level of service?

Here are 6 simple tips:

1. Recruit the right people

The recruitment process is crucial in developing strong customer focused teams. Employers must ensure that the interview process effectively determines the suitability of potential employees. Behavioral questions will help assess whether the person will suit a retail environment together with the culture fit of the company.

2. Train your people

The Induction process together with the ongoing training of your people is imperative to your staff’s future success. Customer Service must be a strong focus in the training process. New employees must receive a job description that clearly outlines the expectations of the role. This will ensure that the employee feels confident and will reach their full potential.

3. Minimize tasks

Tasks are part of any job but a business with strong customer focus understands the importance of keeping those tasks to a minimum. Companies must be mindful of all tasks effecting the business, like those silent e-mails from different departments that involve extra tasks. Visual merchandising is also a great tool to enhance product and make sales but don’t make it too much of a focus and take your staff away from the most important person, the customer. Make it a focus to review and minimize tasks in your business.

4. Effective staffing levels

When sales are down, one of the first places targeted for change is in the reduction of staffing levels. This is an important cost factor but be mindful of analyzing each business carefully. Don’t underestimate the potential and needs of your business or your people.

5. Walk the Talk

A customer service culture begins at the top. All actions and words must reflect this vision from everyone in the company. From policy & procedure manuals, Induction programs, memos from Head office and executive store visits. All of the above must reflect the Customer First vision at all times.

6. Reward on Service

Recognize the performance of your staff’s customer service ability. Set goals based on exceeding customer’s expectations and reward your staff on achieving them. This will build confidence, increase staff morale and help promote healthy competition within your team..

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Janelle JohnstonJanelle Johnston is Founder & Director of the Corporate Training & Life Coaching Institute, Australia.

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