Changing Customer Demands – Is Your Business Keeping Up?

Customer shopping in an environmentally friendly store

If you want to deliver the best service to your customers, it’s important to first fully understand their expectations.

Customer demands have changed significantly over the years. If your business doesn’t keep up, you’re going to end up getting left behind as your customers head over to your competitors.

Here, we’ll look at some of the way’s customer demands are changing, and what your business can do to keep up.

Eco friendly shopping

Due to the ever-increasing threat of Global Warming, customers have become a lot more focused on buying from businesses which are eco-friendly. They want to see that your company cares about the effect it’s having on the environment. This is especially true if you work within the hospitality industry.

One way you can keep customers happy whilst doing your bit for the environment, is to set up a good recycling policy. Companies such as First Mile provide an affordable and efficient recycling service ideal for cafes, restaurants and bars. You can also ensure you’re using eco-friendly packaging, or you could even donate or fundraise for local environmental charities.

Trust and personalization

Other factors customers now focus on, include trust and personalization. This has largely come around due to social media. Customers are used to being able to interact directly with businesses online, and this is used to build up trust. It also stems from data and privacy concerns, as well as company values and beliefs. A recent report highlighted that 30% of customers buy more now based upon their beliefs than they used to.

Similarly, they also want a more personalized service these days. This means more than just adding their name to any marketing communications you might send. By adding an element of personalization into your business, you’ll notice an increase in conversions.

Quality over price

Although price is still important, it’s not as important as quality to today’s customers. A good example of this is fuel. Customers are much more willing to pay more for sustainable fuel due to its environmentally friendly benefits. So, if you’re looking to improve customer satisfaction, you’re going to want to focus more on quality, rather than just focusing on offering cheaper prices.

Delivery variety

Another thing that’s changing, is delivery variety. Customers want to have numerous options when it comes to delivery. Sometimes, they’ll want the convenience of next day deliveries, while other times they may prefer to pay a slightly cheaper rate for standard delivery. Having a range of options keeps customers happier and increases your sales.

These are just some of the most important changing customer demands. Customer trends do change each year, so it’s important to keep up with them if you don’t want your business to get left behind.

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