Alexon Selects Communicator Corp Email CRM

CRM, marketing and email platform chosen by Alexon Group
Ladies clothing retailer Alexon Group PLC has chosen the Communicator email management platform from Communicator Corp to provide customer relationship management and marketing through regular email communications.

Prior to the decision to choose Communicator Corp, Alexon had outsourced the distribution of their email campaigns, which were not segmented. With Communicator® in place, the new system, managed in-house, can segment customer email communications by brand and customer type.

The Communicator® email management platform enables Alexon to create, send and monitor targeted newsletters to customers; with frequency of distribution based upon the history of open rates. Communicator® also enables Alexon to send confirmation, welcome and thank you emails to customers who will also receive details of targeted special offers and events.

Separate campaigns can be created by differentiating the varying classes of customers based on data generated. These include VIPs, new customers and even lapsed customers. In addition, by utilising web-services, customer data is automatically sent between Alexon’s data house and Communicator® constantly updating customer records and rendering input by hand a thing of the past. This significantly speeds the data gathering process and ensures greater data accuracy.

Communicator® also allows Alexon to carry out multi-variant testing. This enables them to test email campaigns for alternative creative and subject line approaches. By this means, Alexon can learn which styles of communication are more appealing to different groups of customers.

As an email management and customer marketing platform, Communicator® has already won widespread acclaim for its ability to integrate online customer data from all business processes and channels into a single enterprise-view. The enterprise level system’s superior relational data-structure integrates information from all customer touch-points. With Communicator®, organisations are able to create relevant enterprise-wide email marketing and customer contact messages such as promotions or newsletters. These can be easily tailored to the specific needs of individual recipients. Organisations can also perform thorough enterprise-level web analytics and behavioural data-modelling.

According to Alexon E-Commerce Manager, Maxine Duncan:

“Having Communicator Corp as our chosen supplier has led to the ability to bring emails in-house and thus dramatically cut costs. The team at Communicator Corp understands our business and what we are trying to achieve. We look forward to developing this positive working relationship.”

For his part, Chris Wilds Managing Director of Communicator Corp welcomed these comments adding:

“Alexon has multiple brands; each of which maintains a highly visible profile in the retail clothing space. This meant that they needed a centralized, best-practice solution system capable of delivering high quality email communication relevant to different customer groups. In short, they required a cost-efficient approach to delivering the highest levels of customer contact and relationship building. We are delighted that Alexon has chosen Communicator Corp to achieve this and look forward to working closely with them.”

About Communicator Corp

Communicator Corp is a leading global enterprise email management company, providing technology based solutions, strategy and expertise for email communications. The company was founded in 1999. Since inception the business and its consultancy arm have consistently evolved, creating and maintaining Communicator Corp’s position as an industry leader. Communicator® is an enterprise email management platform for all one to one and one to many messaging.

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